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up knows nobody open all grown

Audio Drama All Grown Up! Nobody knows (Open)
I found this fan made comic on Deviantart and I'm looking for some voice talent to bring it to life. If you want to audition for the characters like Grandpa Lou, Tommy and Dil, try to match their voices as they were in The Rugrats Spin off All Grown Up. Don't forget, Tommy, Dil and Chuckie are voiced by female actresses, that would be appropriate for them.

A microphone with studio quality and a pop filter is required for this type of work.

I'm restoring the comic in colour by tracing over the old comic in another layer on a drawing and illustration software.

Tommy Pickles (M)
[Image: char_1234_thumb.jpg]
The main leader of the Rugrats and Dil's older brother. Make him sound like as he is in All Grown Up as he is voiced by E.G Daily.

Audition Lines:
Line 1:
"Dil, do you have to slurp so loud?"

Line 2:
"(Sighs) Yeah, dad, why?"

Line 3:
"Here you go, mom, take my seat."

Dil Pickles (M)
[Image: char_1168_thumb.jpg]
Tommy's younger brother who you may recognise as a baby in Rugrats. Make his voice match like Tara Strong's in AGU.

Audition Lines:

Line 1:

"I've got a banana, melon and cucumber smoothie in the fridge, and it's callin my name."

Line 2:
"No, not yet, Trevor's just gone into the batcave."

Chuckie Finster (M)
[Image: char_1166_thumb.jpg]
Tommy's best friend and has been since Rugrats. Make him sound like as he is in AGU as he had Nancy Cartwright's voice.

Audition Lines:

Line 1:
"It's Ok, Tommy, I'll get it. It'll stop me thinking about zombies."

Kimi Finster (F)
[Image: char_1169_thumb.jpg]
Chuckie's stepsister, make her sound like as she is in AGU as she's voiced by Dionne Quan.

Audition Lines:

Line 1:

"Oh no! I'm late for my shift at the Java Lava! I'd better go before dad totally wigs out!"

Line 2:
"Bye, Tommy!"

Stu Pickles (M)
[Image: char_38577_thumb.jpg]
Tommy and Dil's father and Didi's husband also Angelica's uncle and Drew's brother. He's also an inventor even though his inventions are buggy at times. Make him sound like as he is in Rugrats and AGU as he is voiced by Jack Riley.

Audition Lines:

Line 1:

"I used to love that movie!"

Line 2:
"Have they gotten to the part where Chelsea gets chased by a bear?"

Didi Pickles (F)
[Image: char_38576_thumb.jpg]
Tommy and Dil's mother and Stu's wife and Angelica's aunt. She's also a child psychologist. Make her sound like as she is in Rugrats and AGU as she is voiced by Melanie Chartoff.

Audition Lines:
Line 1:
"Don't be silly, you'll miss your movie."

Grandpa Lou Pickles (M)

[Image: char_38578_thumb.jpg]
Tommy and Dil's grandfather but also Stu and Drew's father also Angelica's grandfather. Lou tells a lot about the stuff he's seen and done in his lifetime. Make him sound like as he was when Joe Alaskey voiced him.

Audition Lines:

Line 1:
"Ah, they don't make movies like this one anymore."

Email me the auditions on and I will decide who will get the part.

Deadline: 20/07/2016

Click the link below for the script.

Don't forget that I also made a casting of this project on Behind the Voice Actors and Casting Call Club.

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