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to skyrim expansion expedition atmora

"I'm the only one left. I found Eirik and Arrys' bodies We wouldn't have lit a fire if we weren't freezing to death"

[Image: 5urc6h.jpg]

Hello everyone, i am Hannes. I am one of the Admins of the Atmora-calling Team.
"Expedition to Atmora" is a mod for a Video Game, Skyrim.
It is adding a whole new continent to the game.

We have been working several thousand hours over the last 2 years on this,
in an international Team.

The people playing the game are mainly between 20 and 40 years old,
and like most of the Team members from US and EU.

The mod seeks to create a dramatic feel of a lost Expedition in an arctic adventure 
that turns out to be a suicide commando.

Also, the Dragonborn (Player) will unveil the frame story of Skyrim, and has to follow his fate.

This is an example line:
I'm the only one left. I found Eirik and Arrys' bodies. We wouldn't have lit a fire if we weren't freezing to death"


•a young imperial merchant, who is a adventurous thrill-seeker, and in his 30´s

•a dark elf who is around 40 and pretends to be an asshole at the outside but proofs very reliable

•a high elf scholar who is geeky and wise and a historian

•an old nord ship captain, broken before but now looking forward  to do this expedition

•a young 17 year old nord sailor, whose family died at Helgen, but he still is that optimistic young guy going out to explore the world somehow

•our evil manslayer, an orc called Ghurkar; more professional killer than wild warrior

Read more:


Wav, 16 bit mono, 44100 Hz


via Dropbox and link or directly as Mail
you can pack it with 7z or rar

my PM is

the Forum is

we can tweak some details together later.


 please contact before August! we want to make records in the next few weeks.


you can find it in the file, via opening Creation Kit or as exportet text file, and as Google spreadsheet.
but i would have to hand these out to you first.

you can take a first look at the situational dialogue here:
we can talk about details, and change things, so you can act authentic! 

Thank you for your interest,

and welcome on utmost northern shores!

I love TES, this looks like a fantastic project. I'll try my best giving each of the characters a go and see what works. Hopefully I'll have some recordings done either tomorrow or over the weekend. Stuff like this is right up my alley.

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