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new are yourself you introduce

Are you new introduce yourself!
1) Pick a number
2) Favourite artist?
3) Favourite Film?
4) Fav colour?
5) How did you find this forum? b) Have you thought about voice acting before?
6) Favourite food?
7) It's over....
8 ) Gainax or Ghibli?
9) Boo? 
10) What's your favourite TV show?
11) ) Iron Man or Captain America?
12) Monkey?
13) What equipment do you use to record ( if you VA)?
14) IF you do or if you make any of your own videos post them here!
Hi, I'm from Malaysia and I'm excited to join this forum. I'm not a VA but I'm interested in learning the tricks and turns of being a VA. So, I guess I'll answer those questions.

3)Pulp Fiction
5)Postloop b) Yes
10)The Walking Dead or Person Of Interest
11)Iron Man
Hello everyone, I hail from the isles of jolly old Blighty! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gareth, though you may call me Gaz for short if you like, and I'm a budding voice actor. I specialise mainly in accents, where I have an unnatural ability to pick them up and convincingly imitate them rather quickly. As such I am an accent extraordinaire! Give us a message, I'm more than happy to help out any project in any way I can. Onwards with my numbers!

1.) 42. (kudos if you understand why)
2.) Phil Collins, undoubtedly, every single time. Love ya Phil! x
3.) Sunshine.
4.) Blue.
5.) A.) The message posted on the old forum brought me here. B.) I HAVE voice acted before... so yes, I guess. Smile
6.) Meat & Potato Pie.
7.) ...FINE! You could never be as important to me than Phil Collins anyway! He understands me! He speaks to my soul!
8.) This is where my ignorance betrays me... I don't watch Anime :/ My preferences lie with the more Western hand
drawn animation style.
9.) This is me when I become a ghost and try to haunt someone for the first time... *Appears to victim#1* "erm...boo?" *and quickly dissipates in embarrassment at my pitifully confusing first attempt to scare someone* "It's okay, nobody gets it right the first time." Tongue
10.) Game of Thrones. Stannis was my Mannis! I also love that dirty little schemer Little Finger.
11.) O' Captain, my Captain!
12.) You wouldn't like them half as much if you'd play Timesplitters as much as I have...
13.) Audiotechnik at2020 condenser microphone, hooked into to a H1 Zoom for zero playback latency (Which is a voice actor's godsend I might add). Then I transfer the files from the H1 into my laptop where I edit them in either Audacity for quick and simple audition clips or in Adobe Audition to refine them for a professional quality when I get the part.
14.) Gladly! I always get inspiration and ideas from listening to other people's works anyway. If by posting some of my clips on here I can help someone out in the same way like that, I'll be a happy man Big Grin

Looks like I've completed the list. Until next time my good chaps. Tally Ho!
1) 17
2) Hayao Miyazaki
3) Vertigo
4) Red
5) Random searches b) yes, I have given it some thought.
6) Pizza & American chinese food
7) The walking dead is?
8 ) Ghibli
9) Ougga?
10) Luther
11) ) Iron Man
12) D.
13) None, right now.
14) Yes!
Welcome folks, and thanks for coming over to the new forum. Please post away and lets get this place hopping. ^_^
Hello. I'm Nitro, host of the M Disk Playlist, a podcast devoted to video game music, and how they enhance the gaming experience. I've done some voice acting here and there (you can actually hear me in Azure's demo reel as Kyosuke in the Orange Road clip), and I've successfully produced/directed some fan dubs...that got taken down by the internet. But they will be back! And when they are, I'll be sure to post the links here. Anyway, nice to meet you guys!

1) 42
2) X Japan
3) Robot Carnival
4) Silver
5) Through Azure b) Been there done that. Just not on a pro level.
6) Curry
7) Not yet internet survey! It's not over yet!
8 ) Ghibli
9) Boo!
10) Rasslin'
11) ) Iron Man
12) Sure I'll do the monkey.
13) Samsung C01U
14) *Hands everyone an IOU*
Hiii! Also takedowns smell!
*waves* Hello! Big Grin 

1) 6
2) Too many to list, but lately David Bowie's been on my mind all the time (RIP)
3) The Fifth Element
4) pink or pastels
5) through our fearless leader! b) of course!
6) pizza or curry
7) It's never over!
8 ) I like stuff from both!
9) Boo-urns!
10) currently I'm watching the new season of Rupaul's Drag Race! YAAAS!
11) ) Spider-Man
12) I prefer bunnies
13) Samsung C01U Studio Condenser mic
14) I don't really do videos, but I have a podcast about older anime/manga from the pre-00s era you can listen to if it interests you! http://animenostalgia.blogspot.com
1) 16
2) The Killers
3) Battle Royale
4) Yellow
5) Azure from our YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS Voice Acting together. Started 10 years ago now!!
6) Grilled Cheese
7) 9000?
8 ) I don't really have studio preferences, they both have stuff I like and stuff I don't
9) Don't cry it's just me.
10) Tough one. Modern Family, Misfits, Walking Dead, Daredevil/Jessica Jones, I love allot of shows lol
11) ) Captain America
12) Key Mon?
13) I use Blue Yeti for recording and Adobe Audition for mixing
14) I'll have to make some new ones Smile
Thanks for joining guys! Also ten years, time flies! Big Grin
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