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new are yourself you introduce

Are you new introduce yourself!
1) 5
2) Yoko Shimomura
3) Laputa: Castle in the Sky
4) Blue
5) The discord (that I found out about from Twitter) b) Yes
6) Pizza
7) It's over.... Isn't it, why can't I move on?
8 )Ghibli?
9) Eep
10) Steven Universe
11) ) Neither
12) Ape
13) I have a Blue Snowball that I use for let's plays (I do some voices there if it's text only)
14) Look up AnniexoHoshi

So yeah guess I should say hi. I mainly joined this site to find VAs since I do plan on creating games and will need people to voice characters. I'll lurk for now. If I find someone I like the sound of I'll ask them to help out.
1) 94
2) Cute Whore (It is actually a singing duo)
3) Summer Wars (I need to rewatch it actually)
4) Blue shades
5) I used to be with VAA back in the day and found this out when I tried going to the old VAA to find it was dead.
6) sushi or sour skittles
7) It's over....1006
8 ) Gainax 
9) Boo? Ok? Why not Smile 
10) See I would have said Degrassi but that is Canadian and it just hit me so Steven Universe
11) ) Iron Man duh
12) Monkey? I freaking love them! 
13) Blue Snowball
14) This is all I have on my channel so  far but plan to do actual VA work on it very soon. 

Welcome to the site!
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
1) 66
2)Yung Bae (I'm a Vaporwave listener)
3)Big Hero 6
5)from the youtuber CDawgVA b) Yes
6)Chicken & Fries
7)it's over there a rare Pokemon
9)one of my favorite Mario villains
10) The Young Ones, Bottom, Fawlty Towers, The New Statesman & The Boondocks (don't make me choose)
11)Captain America
12)Donkey Kong
13)Audacity and Windows Movie Maker (that's it)
14) they are pretty mediocre https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoxo7azbxp8
1) 13
2) Don't have a favorite artist.
3) Back to the Future Part I
4) Forest Green
5) Found this forum literally browsing discord servers. b) Thought about VA quite a bit actually (used to be quite active on VAA before the shutdown).
6) Cold cut sandwich with a sweet tea
7) My head?
8 ) Neither preferred, though I do enjoy productions from both.
9) Moo?
10) Fringe
11) ) Neither.
12) Skreeetch!
13) Blue Yeti Blackout attached to a ProLine desk stand with custom shock prevention, Sterling Audio dual screen pop filter, and custom digital mixer settings utilizing VB-Audio Virtual Cable and VB-VoiceMeeter. (Hint: Set gain knob to 3/4 max and in Windows Recording Devices settings, set mic sensitivity to "4")
14) Whenever I am actually active again;
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatZaliaSGuy
TwitchTV: https://go.twitch.tv/thatzaliasguy
"If you don't get a miracle; become one."
Welcome to the site!
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
1) uhhhh 17
2) It depends on the style of art or music. Currently, probably Shigenori Soejima for art, Johnathon Young for music (hedoes a lot of awesome covers, and Gena Show alter for writing.
3) Princess and the Frog.
4) Red
5) I used to be a on and off member of Voice Actor's Alliance. I was searching tonight for that but came here instead. I have thought a lot about voice over work but currently do not have much experience. Most of the lines I recorded for VAA were never used because the projects never went anywhere.
6) Strawberry cheesecake
7) It's over.... 9000!!!!
8 ) I have never seen a Ghibli movie that I have not adored.
9) Kitty!
10) Supernatural
11) ) Gotta go with Cap.
12) Luffy?
13) Currently I have a normal headset. I am buying a Snowball microphone next week. I currently use audacity to record but I want something a bit more professional in the future.
14) I currently do not make anything. I have loads of ideas but not enough knowledge to implement them.
1) 3
2) zach morrison
3) either Aladdin or Lion king
4) Red
5) I was looking for places to put auditions for my project, and a random person recommended this place to me b) Yeah, but my voice is terrible. Better I stay off the mic XD
6) spheghetti
7) It's over.... isn't it?
9) now thats scary
10) gravity falls
11) cap. love tony, but he's usually wrong.
12) *vietnam style mario bros flashbacks*
13) I have a soonhua sh-666 microphone. dirt cheap, but pretty ok quality. at least enough to get the job done. 
14) I mean, I have a youtube where i stream games and art. and im working on a video game. sooo...

check out my upcoming game, TWTWE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEM_vyiXCuY
1) 10
2) I'm fond of Salvador Dali's works. 
3) The Lion King
4) Blue
5) Twitter b) Yep, and done bits here and there, this year I've been wanting to jump in headfirst in it. 
6) Ooh. Pizza
7) No, it's far from being over!
8 ) Gainax or Ghibli?
9) Meep!
10) Ooh. Have quite a few at the moment, Doctor Who, Power Rangers, The Punisher, Star Trek Discovery...
11) ) Cap. Defo. 
12) Monkey!
13) Blue Snowball Mic, Audacity, and kinda using cheap methods for background noise reduction on the fly as I'm on a tight budget atm. 

https://www.castingcall.club/m/NevByte - Some auditions I've done in the past

Promo for a PR Fanfic I made years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzMqpauPDgo
1) 5
2) I don't have a fave artists > .<
3) My fave movie is Zeiram
4) My fave colors are Eggplant Purple and Black
5) I found this forum searching for a place to advertise a casting call for my fandub, but I voice act a little bit just it's not something I'm super into XD
6) My fave food is hamburger helper.
7) Not until the fat lady sings!
8 ) Gainax.
9) Boo? HOO!
10) I don't watch much TV. ^^;; 
11) ) I don't like much superhero stuff.
12) Saiya-jinns tend to linger like a bad odor > u> (says Freezer and I agree)
13) AT2020 and Presonus audio box
14) Working on my first. I want to get okay-ish at making fandubs/audio stuff by year end ^ u^
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