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to a in install plug audacity vst how

[Audacity] How to install a VST plug in
In the first of these little Audacity tutorials, I'm going to guide you through installing a plug in. In this case installing a telephone filter.

1. First we'll need to download the dll plug in file. I used Telephone voice dialed up from here.

2. Next navigate to your Audacity plug ins folder, it will be somewhere like C:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity\Plug-Ins

3. Place the telephone.dll file into that folder.

4. Open Audacity.

5. Select Effects > Manage.

6. Fine Telephone on the list and select enable.

Your plug in is now installed. To use it load in the file you want to add the effect to. Highlight the audio you want to filter, then select Effect > Telephone.

Alter the settings to your liking and apply the effect.


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