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closed man saitama punch versus crabman one

Fan Dub One Punch Man - Saitama versus Crabman [ CLOSED]
Thought I should kick off these forums in some more style with some one Punch Man, this is from the first episode ( just after the opening credits) I'm looking for three characters, plus some extras. So if you don't fit feel free to post your reel and I'll grab people for the stray lines. This section covers the flashback to a younger Saitama with hair!

N.B I have no accent preferences, so feel free to use your own accent or whatever you feel works best.

Saitama (M)

[Image: 275?cb=20130205162513]
Main character, his voice is often stoic bordering on disinterested. Please check the clip and note his delivery especially when normal, angry and bald.


Saitama1: I'm not a businessman, I'm unemployed. I had another interview today, and was rejected again.I don't really care about anything.So I'm not mood to run, just because you tell me too.

Saitama2:Come on, you're not seriously going to kill him over a prank? Think about it.

Saitama3: ( Laughter building from gentle to crazed)

Crabline the crabman (M)

[Image: 275?cb=20151221145202]

An evil crazed man crab (M)! Have fun with this one. Watch the clip for the reference for the sounds he makes.

Crab1: Huh! Why aren't you running away? ( Laughter)

Crab2: Keke Looking into your eyes you're just like me, from one comrade to another I'll let you go.

Crab 3: Don't you know?! THAT kid drew nipples on my body with permanent marker! Look at these claws how can I wipe off anything with them?

Butt Faced Kid ( M) Female VAs encouraged to apply

[Image: MEHqmC.gif]

Chin kid1 : Huh? He was sleeping in the park so I drew on him.

Chin kid 2: ( panicked yell)

Please send all auditions zipped mp3 to please include a txt file with your contact details and any links to demo reels or VA space profile pages!

Deadline April 16th
Extended the deadline to April 14th
Still looking for voices for this, so if you've been holding off auditioning send 'em over. Final extension to April 16th! Send your friends thank you!
This is now closed I'll be mailing the cast tonight!

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