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to some an post about audition think want stuff

Want to post an audition some stuff to think about!
This was a rant I posted on my Tumblr a while ago and it seemed to resonate:
[Image: tumblr_n28snbo4EB1r1cv40o1_1280.jpg]

For those of you who feel tempted to just go on a voice acting forum and say “ I need voice actors." 
If you are posting there it’s a given, we need a little more. Most VAs also have editing skills ( you have to learn to manage your own recordings) so if you want to use the whole ” for exposure" justification for your fan project; it’s pointless since most of us could make something ourselves if we want to.
If we audition for you, it’s because we want to take part.Make the process fun by making things organised.
If you don’t have enough script to post auditions you’re not ready,
If you can’t be bothered to write a full post I don’t think you’ll be dubbing 24 episode anime.
If you post at more than one forum but can only be bothered to write a full post at one then you can’t manage a team of actors. It takes a moment to update a thread, and a half arsed thread will also not syndicate on my RSS feel properly so you’ll loose a ton of potential people.
If you write a crappy post I’ll assume you’ll be crappy to work with.
It’s a hobby so there’s no need to act like Simon Cowell (’ because that’s what pros do’), A true pro acts with courtesy.
Deadlines are important I can schedule recording time so I don’t disturb my neighbor and I can take time to warm up,
Casting the first person you hear, getting through 50% of the script with them and finding they can’t do it will take longer than just taking the time to audition properly.

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