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interview project community

Community Interview project

I mixed up a few words here and there but eh. Nothing compared to average.
Next interview with IskatuMesk is up.

nice opportunity for others seems interesting and looking forward
Sure, I'll bite Smile If it's not too late, that is.
@nittrozsz nope not too late will send some questions out soon.
If it's OK I'd love to do an interview if you're still doing them. From the VAA to FUNimation to returning to doing some online work I'd enjoy seeing what questions you'd have.
Interview with nitrozsz

Can you tell us about yourself?
1. I am the host of the M Disk Playlist podcast. A podcast devoted to the discussion of video game music, and how they enhance the gaming experience. Other than that, I'm just a guy who likes video games, anime, and wrestling. And fan dubs, obviously. 

How and when  did you get into fan dubbing and voice acting?
About seven-ish years. I took a break from voice acting in 2013 to focus on my own projects. But now I'm trying to get back into the voice acting game. It's lots of fun being able to play all sorts of characters, and to meet such amazing and talented people through fan dub projects.

What's been your favourite project to work on?
On the fan dub front, probably the Memories fan dub (which I'll probably have to find a new link for since VAA is a mess right now). To this day, I'm still blown away by the talent I was able to get for the project. Voice actors from those just starting out, all the way to those who have worked on a professional level. Everything just came together in a way I did not expect it to. On the professional front, I got to do some video work for A-Kon in Dallas, Texas which was a lot of fun for me, because I got to use Final Cut Pro to document convention events, and to basically take videos and photos of as many cosplayers doing anything from posing, to acting silly. 

You also podcast, what made you decide to get into podcasting?
To be perfectly honest, wanting to get over my anxiety of talking to people over the phone. I have a career that would require talking to people on the phone, and I knew I had to overcome that somehow. What better way to do that than to talk to other people like you who share the same interests as you, right? The other thing is, I really wanted to do some sort of editing project. I love audio and video production so much, The thought of not being able to do one, the other, or both in my down time kind of depresses me, as it is how I like to artistically express myself. 

Where did you learn your audio/video editing skills?
Before high school, I was heavily invested in anime music videos. The thought of being able to take anime, and make it fit a song was amazing to me at the time. So I took video production classes to expand on my interest, and be able to more than just edit AMVs. I didn't learn how to do audio editing until much later, when I started working on fan dubs. I kind of self taught myself how to use Audacity, because where I lived at the time, I could not take any video or audio production courses.

What software equipment do you use?
Audacity, and Magix. Though I do hope to upgrade to better video editing software by the end of the year. Not that Magix is a terrible video editing program, there's just better video editing programs out there.

 Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to become a voice actor?
Every single role is important. Even characters with one line are just as important as characters with over 100 lines. So if you're looking at audition threads, definitely try to audition for as many roles as your vocal range allows, even the smallest roles. And don't just read the audition lines, ACT the audition lines as if you're actually recording for the project itself.

 Final thoughts?
Whether you want to get into voice acting professionally, or just want to do it as a hobby, HAVE FUN WITH IT.
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
New interview with Discord mod Stringstorm.
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]

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