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to a break back taking after shape into speed for getting tips

Getting back into shape, tips for getting back to speed after taking a break
eal life can often get in the way of your hobbies, homework needs to be done or bills paid. Suddenly a few weeks hiatus turns into months or even years of little creative output.  Some people can get back to work immediately other people find that they get out shape and things they once found easy seem hard again.  Voice acting involves both your brain and your body, and both can get a little out of shape without the proper workout. We list a number of things you can do to get back into swing.  These tips will also help new voice actors get practice.1) Just record yourself talking- no one has to hear it but get talking, tell a story in different voices read pages of books and comics you leave lying about. Get used to hearing yourself talk. Set yourself challenges like “ I will only talk for ten seconds” then see how close you got, so you can get used to controlling your voice again.
2) Start “ live dubbing” repeats, so that episode of  super angst teenage ninja is a repeat. Great! Turn down the volume a notch and start doing the voices yourself. Do your best to match the lip flaps, but don’t worry it’s not being recorded so there’s no way to check. Just enjoy yourself. In a similar vein start repeating dialogue you hear on TV or radio, you can learn new voices my mimicking.
3) Put together shot 1-2 min sketches yourself, just write something small or perform a short scene by yourself. Since it’s just you there’s no pressure to shoe anyone yet, just experiment and have fun.
4) Get auditioning again- don’t feel confident anymore! Well take a risk if you don’t get cast so what? You had an excuse to record some fresh dialogue and if the producer has time you might have even got some feedback.
Getting back into shape after periods of inactivity can be really hard. It is the same with voice acting as it is with other creative arts like writing, for example. Good tips in this thread for sure to getting back on your creative feet.

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