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a finding vo coach

Finding a VO coach
Found a decent article on finding a VO coach.  Well worth a read if you need training. If any of you have taken lessons I'd love to know how it went and how you found them.
I love that artical it's quite helpful! I myself have taken classes in my area but a good tip for finding classes, is find an acting class! Voice Over is 10% Voice and 90% Acting. If you can act then it doesn't matter what voices you can do.

One thing I'm peeved at is that there's no real Voice Over lessons, or coaches out there for those just starting out and want to test the waters. I'm shelling out $600 to take a 6 week course with sonny straight [And as a pro I will say It's worth every penny!] And most studios with equipment or skype sessions will cost you like $100 to $250 an hour depending on where it is.

I feel like in the near future I'll look at setting up 30 min to hour long sessions for cheap [like $15 to $20 an hour] for those looking for help or tips over skype to take thier acting to the next level ^.^
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