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female puzzle closed actors game for looking

[CLOSED] Looking for Female Actors for Puzzle Game
Thank you Everyone for sending your auditions in Smile

Hello we are looking for 6 female voices for our upcoming puzzle game, Super Puzzle Sisters...

Quick overview of the game, Super Puzzle Sisters is a fast paced match 3 puzzle game taking inspiration from old arcade games of the 90’s like Bust-a-Move (Puzzle Bobble), Money Puzzle Exchanger and Puzzle Fighter.

Here is a quick video of the game in action:

For the general Sound Design we want the sound to match the mid 90’s style of gameplay with over the top energetic sounds and voices (a bit cheesey but not too much)

Script overview, each character has 17 lines, most lines are single words like ‘great’ but some for winning a round can be up to 4 or 5 words depending on the character. Below is a breakdown of all the lines spoken by the characters…

Character Select
  • Plays when the character is selected in the menu
Round Start
  • Plays at the Start of the Round (Ready? Go!)
Combo 1
  • Plays when they get a combo of x2
Combo 2
  • Plays when they get a combo of x4
Combo 3
  • Plays when they get a combo of x6
Combo 4
  • Plays when they get a combo x8
Combo 5
  • Plays when they get a combo above x9
Hurt 1
  • Plays when the opponent gets a combo above x4
Hurt 2
  • Plays when the opponent gets a combo above x8
Special 1
  • Plays when they Activate their Attacking Special Move
Special 2
  • An alternate version for when they Activate their Attacking Special Move
Special 3
  • Plays when they Activate their Defence Special Move
Special 4
  • An alternate version for when they Activate their Defence Special Move
Win Round 1
  • When they win Round 1
Win Round 2
  • When they win Round 2
Win Game
  • When they win the Game
  • When they lose the Game
Important Stuff
  • The payment will be £15 ($20) per character for the 17 lines
Sending Auditions:
  • If you're interested please send your auditions to
  • You are also free to audition for as many characters was you want Smile go nuts
  • We have provided 2 example lines for each character for you to use alternately you can send us a Demo Real of your work if you feel it fits a role
  • July the 24th
  • We will also get back to ASAP once the deadline closes
File Format:
  • Can you submit your files in WAV format Smile
Name: Pulse
[Image: QbW1FGusB5dNBq5PZu4z7NP-PO9D_UGOf0tHGCqB...BRN0rxfRJT]
Voice Example:
Age: 9
Bio: An energetic young girl/robot who's full of energy and joy, while she is not the sharpest tool in the box she always gives it her all and never gives up
Audition Lines:
- Here I come
- That was Fun! Let's Play Again Sometime!

Name: Alice
[Image: UItU1_aOuJ0FwEDz1YLUY1-LpujMLqlhKOTTMTXB...NVKCycH0Lv]

Voice Example:
Age: 13
Bio: A witch in training, Alice is well known for being arrogant, opinionated and has delusions of
grandeur but when things get tough she puts aside her pride and does the right thing
Audition Lines:
- I'm on a Roll!
- Don't mess with the Best!

Name: Persimmon
[Image: yrED1_-e45qQU2_qU5IUKqQbAP0zIPNFQeMdLt_Q...Cbjbp60OBO]
Voice Example:
Age: 21
Bio: Quick to anger and always sarcastic, Persimmon is stuck up through and through and with good reason as she has excelled at anything she’s done.  This gives her a rather large ego to the point where she now thinks she is better than everyone else.
Audition Lines:
- Let see you handle this!
- Now we're talking

Name: Angel
[Image: Mppxaz8H-0AtGrzMIJdKi-g1Ha7q4fy0g24Caghi...ncnrEYK8z4]
Voice Example:
Age: 15
Bio: Part time janitor, Angel spends most of her time cleaning and trying to be useful, although due to her shyness and lack of confidence, anything she does tends to end up a mess. (leading her to have to clean up her own mess most of the time)
Audition Lines:
- I'll do my best
- I'm so sorry

Name: Rubble
[Image: FEmgp2ujw8eClACOody55juISusSjGN7yugqEFyH...N-9eMoWm_K]
Voice Example:
Age: Around 11
Bio: A Cave Girl frozen in ice for thousands of years, Rubble has re-emerged in a confusing and strange world but this does not stop her, she is always happy and loves making new friends... even if her hugs are strong enough to break said friends spines and while she can't speak great english she is slowly learning
Audition Lines:
- Rubble Strong! Rubble Strongest!
- Rubble Go Go Go!

Name: Bella
[Image: piqW8IU9xXysOV8-LGeQp0An9FKE-6X5r0VvcogK...lpqWAXuGtb]
Voice Example:
Age: 7
Bio: A quiet young girl, not much is known about her other than she loves talking and walking in the rain while wearing her bright yellow raincoat  She is polite and thoughtful but mostly keeps to herself
Audition Lines:
- Goody! Goody!
- Here we go!

Thanks for looking and we hope to hear from you soon Smile
And the auditions are CLOSED. We will review all of them in the following day.

Big thanks to everyone who sent auditions to us! This forum is awesome!

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