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actors voice as

Actors as Voice Actors
Nowadays, most actors, even triple A ones, are doing voice acting as well, and doing a really good job to boot. Do you think a talent for acting is a bonus when doing voice acting, or is it even a real requirement?
I would definitely say that it's a massive bonus! I've been acting all the way through my studies and after studying through university on a performing arts course, you get taught a lot of great techniques that professional actors use to create their characters. I'm no professional actor of course, but I'd dare say I was a damned good one throughout my time doing it on stage. You learn to take all the skills you've accumulated and put them into the characters you voice.

You only need to look at examples of disgustingly terrible voice acting to understand why seasoned actors get the opportunity to work on the best projects nowadays.

Check this out for an hilariously awful example of bad voice acting...

Now imagine that, but in every piece of animated/cg piece of media out there. I know it's an extreme example, but I can never EVER understand how people got paid to deliver those lines, when there are much more talented voice actor's out there that would do a much better job! That said I wouldn't say being an actor beforehand is a requirement at all. Voice acting is something anyone can do well if they have the right amount of talent and dedication for it.

TL : DR? Being an actor before doing voice acting is a good boost... clue's in the name voice ACTING. But it ain't the end of the world if you ain't Wink
Some people have a knack for voice acting right off the get-go, but stage acting and the sorts help lots! I've been in a few school plays and voice is a pretty big part of it as you have to project to the back of the audience or you aren't heard, and that crosses over into voice acting.

Although, as Gareth said, it isn't the end of the world if you aren't an actor, but it's really useful to have the techniques and abilities from it. I would say that it isn't a requirement whatsoever, but if you started doing voice acting first it could help a bunch! And oh boy... oh boy, oh boy, OH boy did that video have terrible voice acting. XD
That video is sort of amazing, I love a bit of bad voice acting. I agree acting is essential to voice acting! Other than a few bit parts in school plays when I was young I didn't really have any acting training, and I feel like I've had to try and make it up. I definitely think that if any of you are still in education you should take any acting opportunities that you can whilst you can still do it for free.

I would say voice acting is a particular discipline and that an actor from an area may not instantly be a good voice actor. Some celebrity voices in animated films could have been anyone and I think they'd have been better served casting a specialist. But that's how Hollywood works I guess!
Yes, it's definitely a bonus. Being a voice actor doesn't mean just simply have a good voice. It also requires you to immerse yourself in the scene and the characters. So having an acting talent will definitely benefit you a lot in being a voice actor. I remember when I saw a behind-the-scene segment of an animated movie which I don't remember, where they actually acted out the scene in the studio instead of just voice acting it.
yes it is definitely a bonus as they are very talented they are easily able to connect with the characters.
no its not a real requirement but having this talent is bonus for every one.

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