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girlfriend my dragonballz romance meet

Animation Meet my Girlfriend

Hello! I'm in need of four voice actors for a developing script. If you think you can do it, please audtion. I will give my email to those who are serious and are actually interested. Also I would like to make a note that there are some parts that are not for children in this script. (nothing too raunchy or mature. But not a perv show.) 

  • Female Gender
  • YoungAdult Age
  • English Language
  • Any Accent
Voice Actor
Is an adult who isn't a push over but desperate for a date. Has a middle low kind of voice and is usually calm and collected. Can play a sexually playful role at times and able be vicious in a quick switch.

-hey, babe. How are you doing? Cool. So uuum....remember when I said I love you? Well I know that was kind of sudden and I'm sorry. I guess it was the spur of the moment when we were......"having fun" last night.  But I think our relationship has blossomed into more than just a simple liking to each other. So you think you're up for meeting my parents?

-Geez, Bianca, you gotta be careful of what you eat! You almost got another guy to run in traffic. I'm not blaming your digestive system but it sure as hell is dangerous. I mean, I didn't grow up on weed brownies like you did so i should shut up but.....damn. You should go into the army with a digestive system like that. Drive the enemy to chasing rabbits. 

Angela's Mom

  • Female Gender
  • MiddleAge Age
  • English Language
  • Any Accent

Voice Actor

Angela's mom who's voice is a little high as her age has risen.  Is generous and protective. 

-You know, honey. I really do wish they visit us more often...but I guess that's the kids we raised. To be independent and succuessful. Oh stop, I'm sure Samuel is doing just fine. Can't wait to see who he brings as his love partner. 

-I don't know, stewart. That girl she's going out with is......she's not a human. And these....majins....aren't the nicest of aliens. I've heard they were once the rulers of destruction. I'm scared for angela.....what if she gets hurt? 

Samui Ranze

Has somewhat a high voice with the thirst to get stronger. Like the canon frieza but without the cold killing feeling. Isn't very friendly to others and has no care for lower life forms such as humans. 

(we're still working on this but he does have a female body but...male soul? Either way, anyone who is willing can auditon for this.) 

-To think I get on this planet......and I actually start to like it. I guess it's not too bad here....but still scares me that I'm starting to fall in love with one of these humans.

-*attacking* Damn you! Well let's see how you like this! Super Galick GUUN!

-Samuel, for the love of Beerus! Get your disgusting socks off the floor and actually try and keep this place clean! I'm starting to think you let me live with you just to clean up after your mess! 

Angela's Dad

Is a outgoing old father who's voice is kind of deep. Also just as protective but is willing to give things a chance to something new.'re.....into women? I.....I'm not saying that's wrong but we didn't know you were interested in that, Angela. We figured you liked men. Oh you're bisexual? Okay.'re attracted to....this.....alien?

-(sigh) turns out Jared isn't coming. Said his job won't let him leave. So I guess it's just our two kids this time and....their.....diverse boyfriend and girlfriend. Do you think we made a mistake or we been on this world too long? [/font]

The deadline is DECEMBER 2, 2018. So please audition by then! Thank you!



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