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translator balala the needed fandub for fairies

Translator Needed for Balala The Fairies Fandub
Hi everyone! I'm working on fandubbing a magical girl series from China called Balala The Fairies. Never heard of it? Here's a couple of links to all the info.


Before I start looking for voice actors I plan to mix in music & SFX. I know a little Japanese, but since this series aired in China, I need some help. The entire first season has been subbed, along with the majority of season 2. However, episodes 5 & 29 of season 2 were skipped for some odd reason, and only the first episode of seasons 3 & 4 were subbed. so, I need someone who can help me translate the remaining episodes. a new season called Ocean Magic is currently airing in China, and it will be dubbed as soon as I can get the episodes.

I would appreciate any help I can get. If you're interested in helping me bring this series to the American audience, you can email me at;

Thank you so much!

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