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male animated documentary short actors lgbt voice needed for

Male Voice Actors needed for short LGBT animated documentary
I am looking for male voice actors for a short experimental animated documentary that looks at body image.
The documentary is LGBTQ focussed and the animation is completed. A rough cut of the film is ready and I need to acquire professional voice overs for the film.
The parts are short, only a few sentences or small paragraphs (60 words or less), therefore very little time will be required for this project.

Actors with any accent or background are required, except you will have to 18 years old or over.

The actor will have to record the parts themselves, but full recording advice will be given. A basic laptop setup will be enough for what we need. As the parts are so short we cannot offer any payment at the moment.

This project would interest someone who wants to take part in a small and exciting animated documentary.
The animated documentary is being self funded. My last documentary went onto screen internationally at several festivals .

If you are interested please get in contact.
Contact me via this forum or on
Deadline - not set deadline but ideally I would like the casting completed by 30/11/2018.

Dix Pix is a short experiential documentary that uses animation to look at body image through the lens of dating apps.
The documentary uses interviews conducted over Grindr as a basis to form an investigation into photo choices and the language people use while using dating apps.
The style is experimental in approach with animated visuals and evocative voice overs telling an important story about body image and identity.
Hi there can we at least get a deadline and some contact info.I understand given the sensitive nature of the project why you might not post any audition lines but otherwise please follow the rules:
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Hi Azure,
Thanks for the reply, but here is no need for a deadline as the project will be complete when the actors are hired.
Also people can contact me via this forum. Never the less I’ll amend the post.
Thanks, we have those rules to help us run the forums efficiently. Otherwise people will happily bump decades old threads XD
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