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to make unpaid staff vn help games renpy needed

[Unpaid] Staff needed to help make Renpy VN games
Hello everyone, I am looking for some people that would be interested in collaborating with each other to create some visual novel games. These visual novels are going to be the type where the player can choose options that'll affect the type of ending the story has. 

Note: I ask that anybody that tries out for any part be at least 17 in case anything we come up with starts leaning into the nsfw violent territory. 

What kind of help are you looking for?
These games will be made using renpy, if you are interested here are a list of types of people I am looking for: 

Artists: Looking for people to help with drawing sprites of the characters and some background pictures. 

Writers: Looking for people that can help turn plot bunnies into a full story. (I have quite a few ideas already that we can work with)

Coders: I work with JavaScript so anybody that auditions for this position will need to be familiar with it as well. 

Character developers: These are the people that help come up with characters to use for the stories. (coders and writers can also be this if they have characters they think would fit into the situations)

To audition for any of these roles I will need to see examples of your work sent to

Deadline is November 15th if you have any questions you can contact me either here or on Discord at Midnight#4001

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