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male russian amp actors beyond lines voice english 2 enemy

Beyond Enemy Lines 2 - Male English & Russian Voice Actors

I'm Daniel from Polygon Art. I'm currently developing a game called Beyond Enemy Lines 2. It's a Hardcore First Person Shooter and the sequel to the 2017 game Beyond Enemy Lines.

What is Beyond Enemy Lines 2?
You have been deployed deep beyond enemy lines where terrain and conditions are barbaric. You will seek, locate and destory the enemy while creating havoc and confusion. Beyond Enemy Lines 2 is an intense first-person shooter that aims to capture the feeling of covered operations behind the frontline in large open ended missions. Major features include fluid weapon customization, dynamic and challenging AI aswell as a huge freedom and replayability.

Beyond Enemy Lines 2 is build with the Unreal Engine 4 and is coming 2019 for PC and hopefully for Xbox One and Playstation 4 following soon afterwards.
The original game from 2017 generated a lot of media buzz in germany and also achieved to get a retail release for PC in germany.

For Screenshots look

Current status
Currently Beyond Enemy Lines 2 is in development and in alpha stage. So definitly not finished. The voice action will mainly be used to pitch this project to bigger publishers and hope to attracked them.


I would need several male voice actors to lend the AI their voice.

  • Russian

  • English
If you only speek english, not a problem. But I definitly need some russian voice actors who would record it in russian and in english. As the player is able to switch the AI voice between russian and english language.

You need to be:
  • male

  • mature 

  • speak with military/soldier voice
Here are all Lines you would need to record:

Please save the english voice according the set english file name and the russian to the set russian file name. As I don't speak russian it would be very hard for me to track down which file accords to which line if the file names missmatch.

Please try to record in the highest quality if possible. If it's not perfect, it's fine and only for the pitch. However if you record in a decent quality your files could be used in the final product.

The voice acting would be free of charge at this point.
Everyone who sends files in a reasonable quality which will be used in the game will get a free copy of the game on launch.
If we are able to attract a Publisher a small payment should also be possible.

Please send me your files until 15. November 2018
The faster the better - as always ;-)

Send me your files in a .zip or .rar archive to
If you filesize is very large, please attach a dropbox or google drive link or any other way to download your files.

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