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unpaid abridged parody ghoul series tokyo

Abridged Series Tokyo Ghoul Abridged Parody Series (UNPAID)
Hello, my name is Jack and I have been doing abridging for over a year now and haven't really gotten anywhere, so I'm deciding to do a reboot on my most successful parody series (Tokyo Fool) and do it completely differently... So, here are the list of characters I need.

-Hide- Regular tone and accent, maybe on some of the lines make him sound a bit goofy and over the top
-Juuzou- Just a flat out crazy bitch, her lines will be just flat out funny/stupid
-Koutarou Amon- Blank in emotion but can give a good puchline when it best fits
-Kureo- Really fucking wierd, quick witted and is fast on his speech
-Shuu Tsukiyama- The villain of the piece, he's really camp and over exagurates his speech

That's all of the characters I can think of at the moment

Lines for your audition
'Jesus Kaneki you scared the shit out of me! Go away... no seriously FUCK OFF!'

Good luck!

(I usually respond within 48 hours)


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