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buy can audio me drama t

[AUDIO DRAMA] Can't Buy Me
Can't Buy Me is a contemporary audio drama series (hosted and released as a podcast). There will be at least three seasons, releasing episodes biweekly once we begin airing with two or three months in between seasons. If you are chosen for a role, you are expected to commit to at least three seasons. This will be my first production, but I intend to take it seriously and hope you do so as well. It is currently unpaid; however, a Patreon will be set up, as well as the option to donate to the production. Any donations will be properly distributed as payment for all work.

Savannah Cole, 17, is known for her black hoodies, overachieving tendencies, and disdain for all things "social" aside from her two best friends, the cutest lesbian couple at school: Caitlyn Day and Rae Collins. They know all her secrets, including how troubled she is and the reason she wears those hoodies, and push her to widen her social circle and finally find love.

Popular rich kid, Aaron Wayne, is known as a player as well as a bad boy after getting kicked out of private school and a quick stint in juvie. Most people love him for his money, good looks, and skills on the soccer field. But when he looks to his future, all he sees is a black hole and the threat of not graduating.

When he convinces Savannah to tutor him, he expects to raise his GPA just enough so that he can stay on the team and walk in a cap and gown. Nothing more. But when they sit down at the library for a tutoring session and he notices the biggest secret she hides under that hoodie, he takes an interest in her. Soon, he finds himself falling for the only girl that may be even more trouble than he is, no matter how much she hides it.

Savannah and Aaron find themselves in the chaotic midst of the high school social scene, financial woes, falling in love for the first time, and facing the biggest question of their lives: what comes after graduation?

Note: The story is set in Cedar Grove (fictional town), VA so accents are expected to be American/Southern American (subtle Southern accent).


Rae Collins is mostly quiet, semi-serious, and compassionate. She classifies herself as "casually" goth, pretends to be a vampire, and always dyes her blonde hair black. She was in the closet until she was a sophomore, and while her parents took a while to accept her, they came around. Her family has always been supportive, but they expect a lot of her as she is the eldest sister and is supposed to be a good role model for her sister in sophomore year, Sadie. She's Christian but also not the kind of person to try to force her beliefs on others; she believes in being a "good Christian", and while she attends parties, she rarely drinks as her mother is ten years sober, and she doesn't want to fall into the pit that her mother was in while she was a child. She loves Caitlyn but struggles to believe that Caitlyn actually loves her back, despite being together for three years.


You have a reputation, too, you know. Weird, quiet, overachieving teacher's pet. Bitch. Prude.

Have you told your parents yet?

Hey, maybe there's hope someday. For you. College and all that.


Cody James is supposedly Aaron's best friend, and while he is part of his inner circle, he's a little superficial and doesn't have so much depth. His long time girlfriend, Jess, is his world, but he doesn't look much past the traditional high school, athletic scholarship, well-paying job and white picket fence life. He always throws the parties, skates by with his grades, and dominates the soccer field, but he has a supportive family and can be self-involved. He isn't a big fan of anyone who doesn't party, resists change, and secretly has a thing for Caitlyn, despite his loyalty to his girlfriend.


Dude, you have to get your shit together. For the team. How are we supposed to win state championship without our best striker?

There's a party at my place tomorrow night. You should come, Caitlyn. You and your girl, I mean.

Look, Savannah's a bitch and a prude, but she has straight A's. Suck it up.


Andrew White is close to Aaron and Cody, though he prefers to spend his time with his girlfriend, Lana, than deal with Cody's superficiality. He pretends to be all for the team to stay in Cody's good graces, but he prefers people with more substance. He is the only person Aaron trusts to talk to about real stuff, though even he doesn't know about all of it. He's dedicated and prefers to listen than talk, and he's an amazing artist that wants to go to art school. Soccer is fun for him, and school comes easy, but art is his passion. He doesn't show off, except to Lana, who he often describes as his dream girl.


Lana says Rae is really nice, so if Savannah is friends with her, she can't be that bad.

Don't listen to Cody.

I love you, Lana. Someday, we'll go to UCLA and be away from all this nonsense. Until then, we just have to keep the peace.


Jessica Roland, known as Jess, is Cody's girlfriend. She's a pretty sweetheart with a little bit of spunk, but she doesn't have much as much depth as she would like. Sheltered by her parents and quickly becoming Cody's girlfriend in eighth grade, she hasn't had a lot of real world experience. All she knows is Cedar Grove, and she wants to travel the world. While she would love to do that with Cody by her side, she can't see a future with him as much as she tries.


Savannah? Please, she's so... weird. And so are her friends. Like, Caitlyn and Rae are cute together, but they're all really weird.

Me and Cody, Andrew and Lana, Aaron and every other girl at school. Senior year is gonna rock.


Mr. Cole (Will), Savannah's father, is firm but fair. He grew up in poverty and wishes he could provide for his family more; he works at two jobs with long hours, but he tries to spend as much time with his family as he can, which usually means breakfast time only. He cares about his family, but he isn't home often, and he's quite sleep-deprived. He keeps working, though.


Are you okay, Savannah? You know you can talk to me about anything.

Boys! Settle down.


Mrs. Cole (Andrea), Savannah's mother, is often running after her two young boys when she isn't waitressing part-time. She didn't go to college, but she desperately wants her daughter to. She's kind and supportive and keeps their family together, even when disaster strikes. She never lets them give up, even when she wants to herself.


Sweetie, listen, if you need anything, just ask.

Will, it's okay. We'll make it. We always do.


Mrs. Wayne (Elizabeth or Liz) came from a broken home and quickly followed in her alcoholic mother's footsteps. Marry rich, have children, and do what's expected of her with a smile and slip off with vodka later. She's emotionally abusive to her son, Aaron, due to her lack of respect from him and her absolute lack of empathy. She's materialistic and doesn't care about anyone but herself.


You're a spoiled brat who can't do anything himself.

What has gotten into you? Is it this... this girl? I knew her mother in high school, you know, and she had a real stick up her ass. Stay away from that whore and her family; you don't want to hurt this family's reputation.


Mr. Wayne (Richard) works in mergers and acquisitions, and he is often away on business trips. While he remains faithful to his wife and family, it is purely out of his desire to keep a solid reputation. He has high expectations for his wife and son, and when his son can't meet them, he lashes out. He keeps his anger inside, letting it turn into competition in business or cruelty towards his own family.


We have given you everything you've ever wanted. Show some appreciation for the people who raised you. Be a man for once in your life.


To audition, please email the lines in mp3 format titled charactername_lines.mp3 and include, either in a .txt file or in the body of the email your name, the part(s) you are auditioning for (you can audition for as many parts as you'd like), and your contact information. Please note that the main meeting place for all people cast in the audio drama will be a Discord server, so be sure to sign up if you haven't already.

Deadline is September 18th, 2018; this may be extended to the 21st if too many roles are left.
Are you still looking for voices?

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