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evil silent scream resident inspired

Silent Scream: Resident Evil Inspired
In short you need:
  • Project description
The title should give a good idea. As for right now, I want to remain conservative. This technical demo will do nicely as experimenting with voice acting and testing out various mechanics before moving forward with the rest of the game.

It's currently unpaid. If it ever proceeds into the paid realm, participants will benefit although to what extent will be negotiated when it comes to that.

Some screenshots to show what I've worked on so far (and still working on):

[Image: mH33O3k.png]
A motel, one of the game's location.

[Image: Interaction_icon_exemple.gif]
User interface experimentation. The four icons represent: lool (top), take (right), use inventory (down) and use (left).

[Image: Interaction.gif]
Whenever a character faces an object which he can interact with, it fill flash like so. 

[Image: 749p8fY.png]
Early design concept.

[Image: VF856av.png]
Inventory Concept 

I have some more stuff but I think this should give a pretty good idea overall.
  • Character List
I just need two at the moment. Protagonist (P) and Mystery Caller (MC). 

(P): unemployed and despaired. 
(MC): I started with an idea in mind about this one but then realized it was creatively limiting for people who tried the lines. So apart from the lines, it's up to you to instill life in to the character. Feel free to change words if you feel it'd sound better, go nuts! 
  • Audition Lines ( Linking a google doc or a page on your own site is OK for large multi character posts, linking your post on another voice acting site is not.This includes Casting Call club)
Mystery Caller:
[b]M-Hello Mule... You will answer me with either “Yes sir” or “No sir”. You don’t ask questions, you do as you’re told. Do you understand? 

P-Yes... sir. [lines provided for context, do not read]

M-You accepted a job. You’re a mule. A good mule goes from point A to pint B to carry something and gets paid for it. Do you understand?

P-Yes sir.

M-Do I need to explain what happens to a mule which doesn’t behave?

P-No sir. 

M-The cargo is at that Motel at the entrance of Oak Ridge. You know the one?

P-Yes sir.

M-The red pickup truck, key’s behind the rear tire. Suitcase inside.

P-Yes sir.

M-Suitcase goes to room 1. Knock, give the suitcase, get the money wait back home. I repeat, knock, give suitcase, get money, wait back home. Do. You. Understand?

P-Yes sir.


P: A small assortment of pills to manage my mood. Most of them make me feel drowsy.

P: A burner phone. Was mailed to me five days ago.

P: I can't do that.

P: My baseball bat from high school, could come in handy.

P: Hmm... I can't leave without my keys.
  • Deadline  - Posting a really long deadline is not a clever workaround or hack. If you post something silly like 6 months I'll lock the thread.
September 19th. It's only for two people for a few lines so that should be plenty.
  • *No Porn or Hentai*  ( If you're worried about your project's content please pm me before you post and we can discuss it. Please don't post any pornographic images directly to the site!
  • Contact Info
Please submit mp3s with (P) or (MC) first in the file name followed by underscore your name:
  • When you've cast your project please edit the title and add  [Closed] to the title. Please then reply to the thread confirming it's closed, this means people will stump bumping out of date threads
Very good participation so far, thank you!

I'm missing some extra character for the Mystery Caller, something that makes him/her sound less secondary character so to speak.

Thanks for reading!

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