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s it unpaid in old go saxon anglo song frozen english let disney

[SONG][UNPAID] Disney's "Let It Go" in Old English
I am seeking a female vocalist to perform an Old English (Anglo-Saxon) adaptation of the hit song "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen.  Prior knowledge of Old English is preferred but not required.  This is purely a fan project and intellectual exercise, and the resulting fandub will be uploaded to YouTube.

DEADLINE: 9/20/2018 (please state intent to audition in a response to this post)

CONTACT: send your audition as an MP3 file to


Karaoke Track

Old English Pronunciation Guide

AUDITION VERSE (with corresponding Modern English for synchronization purposes):

Lǣt hit gān, lǣt hit gān. (Let it go, let it go)
Iċ ne mæġ mē āhabban. (Can't hold it back anymore)
Lǣt hit gān, lǣt hit gān. (Let it go, let it go)
Nū āhƿeorfe iċ ūtan. (Turn away and slam the door)
Heora ƿord (I don't care)
Ne mē magon sceþþan. (What they're going to say)
Bremme ġēn se storm. (Let the storm rage on)
Þæt ċeald nǣfre mē mihte angsumian. (The cold never bothered me anyway)
Hope you find someone, don't think we've ever had a casting call quite like this!
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Iċ þancie þē (thank you)!  Actually, you've had at least one other post like this.  I know 'cause I'm the one who posted it.  A while back, I tried to find a female vocalist to perform a Latin version of "All I Want for Christmas."  The best I got was a Latin class (in Germany, I think) singing the audition verse in unison, and though I certainly appreciated them sharing it, the vocals just weren't good enough to be worth pursuing further.

It's hard enough finding people to perform my song translations in modern languages and obviously even more so when I'm dealing with ancient tongues.  Still, I can't help myself!  My adaptations are my way of breathing new life into these old languages so that maybe they don't have to seem quite so dry and boring to many students.  I figure it's much more fun to practice Latin, ancient Greek, or Old English grammar and vocabulary with a hit modern pop song than with an arcane senatorial oration, philosophical dialogue, or epic poem.
Ah I do recall now!
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