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an alien female solara only spinoff charon quot

Fan Project "CHARON" An Alien: Solara spinoff. Female only.
Are you stuck in a dead end job somewhere in the outer rim? No work on Earth? Then maybe it's time to book passage to Acheron! We at Weyland-Yutani are working hard to rebuild on Acheron, and we need your help. We need workers for the brand new recycling facility that will soon be complete. We need colonists, no, we need families to move to the newly constructed permanent habitats of Charon colony. We need maintenance workers. We need custodians. We need green house farmers. We need just about anyone with a level nine education rating or above to join us. We understand your concerns about the loss of "Hadley's Hope" and we want to assure you the atmosphere processor explosion was not caused by poor construction. You can read the Weyland-Yutani report about what really happened on Acheron at Weyland-Yutani.corp/Acheron from your nearest Earth-Net connected terminal. We look forward to seeing you off to your new home at Charon colony!

Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Building Better Worlds.

Only one female role is available. No males, please.

Gender: Female.

Age: Young Adult.

Language: English North American.

Kylen is Administrator Carter's personal assistant, pilot, body guard,
problem solver, and also personally chosen by the CEO of Weyland-Yutani
to find out what her boss is really up to on Acheron. She is not an
evil, greedy corporate scumbag. As Administrator Carter's plans unfold,
she may be the only one who can stop another colony on Acheron from
being annihilated by Xenomorphs. She is not at all stiff. She's the kind
of girl who'd kick your ass in a drinking game, then literally kick
your ass when you claim she cheated. She's gotten into and out of a lot
of trouble using both her looks and her fists. She's a shoot first, no
questions ever type. I wanted a southern accent, but unless you
naturally have one, just stick to your natural way of speaking. Race
doesn't matter since you're heard, not seen.

Demos' are welcome.

Audition lines.

1: Waky waky, powdered eggs and bakey.

2: Good news is the mainframe computer on Charon got the greenhouses there
up and running about four months ago, so we should have a huge crop of
genetically modified potatoes just waiting for us. Also we successfully
dropped all our communication relay beacons. Communications with Earth
should have only a few seconds or minute's worth of delay now.

3: Looks like a few Daihotai Tractors are still parked down there. I bet
the company would be happy to salvage those. Looks like their greenhouse
is intact, but maybe not salvageable because of the radiation.


Deadline is September 5th.

Follow: for more information.

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