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aokiji? will 2f save who piece robin f 2m 4m from one

Audio Drama One Piece: Who Will Save Robin From Aokiji? (4M, 2F, 2M/F)
[Image: 3gVhydi.jpg]
One Piece: Who Will Save Robin from Aokiji?

Well Ladies & Gentlemen this shall be a Casting Call for an Audioplay Version of my One Piece Fanfic "Who Will Save Robin from Aokiji?" in which you can read at the following links...

(Note: Yeah I admit I'm not the best proofreader so to those who are cast I will most likely do a slightly revised version on the script with Google Docs in the near future.)

Anyways here is the summary here that this is a One Piece fic set during the incident at Long Ring Long Land where our heroes the Straw-Hat Pirate Crew face the Marine Admiral Aokiji to try to save Robin from being captured by her.

But in this fic we see it divided into 4 segments where one of the Straw-Hats try to make a stand to save Robin from Aokiji's clutches such as Luffy, Usopp, Nami and Sanji. The twist here is that Aokiji seems to have mistaken the Straw-Hat trying to make a stand for Robin's lover (aside from Sanji whom he immediately suspected that Robin's feelings for him were strictly platonic. In which much to Sanji's chagrin Robin immediately confirmed that.)  

Anyways this shall be for a Audioplay version of the story here (but if I can get any fanartists interested in providing some artwork I could make a Visual Novel version of this). Oh yes and if anyone thinks I'm going a little overboard with the audition lines being 8 instead of the usual Max 6 I admit I won't blame you. But my idea was that all the characters get 2 lines from all 4 segments (though Luffy & Robin are a bit uneven in that regard but that will be slightly fixed in the revised script). Anyways here are the rules & guidelines here... *ahem*

* You can record your auditions in separate lines like "(Name)_(CharacterName)_1" or do all your the audition lines in one clip like "(Name)_(CharacterName)". However please do not put in filler like introducing yourself and the like.
* Impersonations are not required but feel free to pull them off if you can.
* Deadline is 9/20/18 though I may extend the deadline if necessary.
* I can accept lines as MP3 or WAV
* Please send auditions in a zipped folder titled "(YourName)_OnePieceSaveRobinFromAokijiAuditions" at either or, and when you do please put a reply here in this board saying that you did.
* I can't accept .RAR files so if you can't send your auditions via a Zip folder you can upload your auditions to one of these sites and send them to me either by e-mail or by a reply in this post.

* When you send your e-mail to me place the subject as "Name_OnePieceWhoWillSaveRobinFromAokiji"
* If you are cast I may ask you to reprise for the role again sometime in the future.
* This is more of a suggestion but I do strongly recommend that if you audition that you should audition for at least more than one role. I admit I do try to keep the amount of auditioners who didn't get a role at all in any way to a minimum. So let’s just say it would help your chances.

Oh and before I introduce the Characters I shall do a little Pronounciation Guide for all the named characters here. Sure not all of it it may be necessary but for some of these characters it really is.

Luffy- Loo-Fee
Roronoa Zoro- Row-Wah-Noh-Ah Zoor-Oh
Nami- Nam-mee
Usopp- Ooh-Sop
Sanji- Sahn-Gee
Chopper- Chop-Er
Robin- Rob-in
Aokiji- Ow-oh-kee-gee
Kaya- Kai-ya

Okay now with all further or adieu here are the characters!


[Image: aFosu7v.jpg]

Voice Type : Moderate to Moderately High, Very Nasally, Energetic, Boastful to Cowardly

Reference Clips:

Bio: The Sniper/Marksman of the Straw Hat Pirate and the star of the 2nd Segment in this production. Usopp is well known as a pathological liar & coward but is often the lovable coward archetype as he will get some courage when the situation truly calls for it. But one recurring plot point in this fic/production is the reminder of Usopp's old childhood friend/sweetheart Kaya who was the one who gave the Straw Hat crew the ship Going Merry when Usopp joined the crew. Namely just how close Usopp & Kaya were and how much Usopp does actually miss Kaya and think about her.


1. (Trying to give Luffy "The Talk") Well as I was saying, you see Luffy when two people really like each-other they sometimes like to get alone and do things with each-other to show… affection to each other.

2. (Shocked & Flustered re: Luffy Aud Line 4, really tries to save face) I….I….I..I..I..I..I..I… uh… THAT IS A REALLY INAPPOPROPRIATE QUESTION LUFFY! Uh… Wha… What I mean is… that’s beside the point Luffy and you know it. Now stay focused Luffy, after all you wouldn’t want anyone to think you are dodging the question now do you?

3. (Nervous to Angry & Proud) Well I uh… I uh… HEY WAIT A MINUTE! SHAME ON YOU YA BIG GALOOT! SHAME ON YOU! Just because Kaya is a bit more “modestly figured” than Nami & Robin doesn’t make her any less of a woman than those two! And I will have you know that I do often think about Kaya thank you very much and I don’t intend on stopping, so there.

4. (Over-The-Top Proud to Shocked) Ah yes it’s only natural to humbly admit defeat to the Great Pirate Captain Usopp! After all none can overpower, outlast or even outsmart the almighty Pirate Captain Usopp! AHAHAHAHAHA! *beat* HEY WAIT A MINUTE!

5. (Amazed & Impressed at his own lie) So Nami & Robin are lovers? Alright, those letters I sent to Kaya turn out to be true after all.

6. (Very Nervous to trying to be Rational) AH! Oh man I can’t believe I just said that out loud… uh… *ahem* Well Nami you see I still occasionally send letters to Kaya every now & then and I sometimes tell her about you and Robin, and I… may’ve played up how close you two are let’s just say. I mean I normally spend a lot of my time on this ship and you and Robin are normally the only ladies near me. And well I didn’t want Kaya to worry about… certain things if you know what I mean.  

7. (Agreeing with Roronoa, slightly smug) I know what you mean Zoro, I mean if Sanji really wants to impress the ladies he really should just come to me for advice.

8. (Puzzled in a "Let me get this straight" way) So… this guy Aokiji was going to capture Robin, so our Captain invites him to a big meal, and that Aokiji guy accepted? *beat* Okay then, I… just wanted to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

[Image: KZDGJS6.jpg]

Voice Type: Moderate to Moderately Low, Slightly Rough, Smooth-Talker

Reference Clips:

Bio: The Cook of the Straw Hat crew, the star of the 4th segment and is also well known for his various kick attacks. (In which he has a code in fighting such as using kick attacks only so he won't ever hurt his hands since he is a cook and has a strict no hitting women rule which has caused him some trouble.) Anyways Sanji is well known as a Casanova wannabe as he often hits on various beautiful ladies like Nami & Robin but has rarely if ever had any success. In which in this story he is often mocked due to his lack of success with the ladies but to be fair in his segment he does get to show off his prowess in making a fine meal though.


1. (Smooth & Cocky) Yeah and to be honest that is fine with me. After all I am the Ladies Man of the crew so I figured that if anyone could teach our young captain about the joy of pleasuring the ladies it would be me.

2. (Thinking, Annoyed & Depressed) Really? Usopp of all people has a girl waiting for him at home and I don’t? Really?! *sigh* Why me…


4. (Amused & Cynical) *tch* Really Usopp, you’re going to make up a girlfriend just to save face?

5. (Angry to Lewd) You’ve gone too far this time Moss-head! *then has a lewd grin* Then again this could be a great chance to make my move with Nami and Robin though and help prove certain things wrong about them. Heh heh…

6. (Epiphany, Increasingly Flustered) Wait a minute what if Moss-Head and the others are right? Nami & Robin are often together a lot and there is no telling what is going on.  After all there have been several times they are in the same bath… and the same bedroom… together. *nose bleeds* This could be interesting… *regains his composure* Wait a minute I should not lose sight of my original goal here, though I should try to look into this a bit more. After all one way or another I could get some sort of… benefit here.

7. (Smooth & Confident Intro) Hold it right there! I am Sanji, I was once known as one of the finest chefs from the Baratie. Perhaps you’ve heard of me, no? Well it doesn’t matter, for while yes I may be affiliated with a pirate crew but I am first and foremost certain other things such as a fighter… a chef, and of course a lover.  I always did have a thing for the ladies especially voluptuous beauties such as Robin and Nami here. I would never allow a fiendish brute like you to lay a hand on a refined beauty such as Robin here.  So to make a long story short if you try to take Robin, I will take you down.

8. (Gleefully Mocking Roronoa) Ah hah ha hah, oh Moss-Head you should feel grateful that I’m remotely willing to feed you. Oh sure you could always feed yourself but with your amazing sense of direction it should take you at least several hours to find a Kitchen. But not too worry Moss-Head maybe I could leave you a food tray with some kibbles nearby, though I wonder if you have been through Obedience School yet.

[Image: n7c3mEn.jpg]
Roronoa Zoro

Voice Type: Moderately Low to Low, Manly, Stern, Tough

Reference Clips:

Bio: The Swordsman of the Straw Hat Crew and is the 2nd member of the team and often the 2nd in command. Roronoa was once known as a Pirate Hunter (and technically still is) but joined with Luffy after Luffy saved him from a crooked Marine which was the beginning of a trend regarding how Luffy gets crewmates sort to speak. Anyways while Roronoa is often known as one of the more serious members of the crew he is not incapable of having a sense of humor as this story will show. Namely how this story plays up Roronoa & Sanji's rivalry in all of the segments but would start picking fights with Sanji in Sanji's segment.


1. (Calm & Non-Chalant) Heh don’t know how old Nami is, don’t care really. Since Nami is known for conning men with her looks I figured she would lie about her age. You know like what women like her often do?

2. (Calm though Facetious) Oh I dunno Nami I’ve heard stories of actresses who would claim to be Teenage Girls even though they are in their 30s and 40s and sometimes even in their 50s.

3. (Pleasant Exposition to Mocking Sanji) Uh-huh apparently Usopp and that girl Kaya are very close old friends who was even nice enough to give us the Going Merry when Usopp became a part of our crew. So what’s the matter Chef, you’re not bothered by this are you?

4. (Calm, Firm but Understanding, Re: Chooper Aud Line 4) This is a part of going on a Journey there Chopper, it’s only natural to feel a little homesick every now & then.

5. (Annoyed, Brushing Nami off) No not really in fact why should I care?

6. (Angry to Devious) MOSS-HEADED… Grrr… *then gets a devious grin* I dunno Nami I’m starting to think this guy might be on to something. After all Nami when it comes to the rest of the crew you often nag, berate or even smack us around just about every chance you get. But Robin is the only one you are consistently nice to and you two do spend a lot of time together so who knows what goes on when you two are alone huh? Say Luffy, ever notice on how close Nami & Robin can be?

7. (Smug Backhanded Compliment) Oh rest assured Sanji we all appreciate your culinary skills. It’s the one aspect of yours we are all appreciative of.

8. (Menacing Battle Threat) Oh really? Well Sanji I knew some culinary tricks as well such as meat-slicing, *getting into a battle stance* so Sanji what would you like to have sliced?

[Image: uQrcOSz.jpg]

Voice Type: Moderately Low to Low, Calm, Easy-Going, Middle-Aged

Reference Clip: (Hasn't had a Voice Compare yet)

Bio: Aokiji is a highly prominent Marine as he is one of the Admirals so he is one of the more powerful men in the Marine as he is very skilled with his ice powers. But while he has a very intimidating reputation and skills he is actually normally a very chill, laidback and kind of lazy guy when he is not doing his work but can be deadly serious when the situation calls for it. Anyways Aokiji does have a bit of a past with Robin which serves as a catalyst for this story in general. In which while Aokiji basically is the antagonist in this story but how much of a bad guy he is seems to be rather ambiguous.

1. (Calm & Curious) Though what I wonder is that I can assume that most of you folks are grown men and ladies so why are you all following this kid around? I mean yeah, sure he is a super-powered kid thanks to his Devil Fruit but still…

2. (Smooth) Excuse me Miss, I believe what your associates meant is that you’re quite a fine shapely womanly beauty. It is easy to assume you wouldn’t be so young since you are just about as womanly as Robin here.

3. (Slightly disgusted but understanding) Seriously Robin you are going with this guy? Okay I can respect that you’re not shallow, but I would figure you could pick a better looking guy.

4. (Faux Proud and Gleefully Facetious) You are absolutely right my good man, to judge a woman’s merit & value on her figure would indeed be callous. And your resolve on staying faithful to your dear lady Kaya is sincerely admirable. So I humbly admit defeat to you oh Great Pirate Captain Usopp as you truly have the Moral High Ground. Now I shall just simply take Robin with me and be on my way, farewell.

5. (Suprised to kindly supportive) I see… well this is a little surprising, well Robin I know you don’t exactly have the best history with men. But I didn’t think you would start dating the ladies though. * Pause* Oh I’m sorry Robin that wasn’t a complaint; in fact I will even say that you have a fine taste in the ladies. I mean you have this sexy little cutie with a fine body and a fiery personality; she is probably great in bed huh?

6. (Slightly Amused) Aw how cute it’s like a Mommy taking her little one out.

7. (Affably Evil) Ah I was wondering when my little “Surprise Seasoning” was going to take effect, maybe I seasoned the meals a little too lightly.

8. (Polite to his captive) I’m afraid so Robin and I do realize this does seem a little shady but rest assured I’m very much a gentleman with the ladies, even the ones I’m capturing.


[Image: Eo4dSXV.jpg]

Voice Type: Moderate to Moderately High, Energetic, Temperemental, Youthful, Can be Flirty

Reference Clips:

Bio: The 3rd member to join the Straw Hat Crew, the original woman in the team and the star of the 3rd segment in this story. Nami is well known as the Navigator of the crew and her original goal is to create the map of the world. Though Nami is also well known for her greed and love of money and would more than occasionally use her feminine wiles for it (though there was a rather tragic reason why earlier in the series though). However this series of segments does play up her temperemental side toward the guys but does have her nicer moments as well. In which in her segment does seem to play up her little "Womance" with Robin while in Luffy's segments brings up how Nami's looks have changed since early in the series. (Note: Nami will be the only character in this story who will use swear words but even then its fairly mild and only a few times just to let you know.)

1. (Slightly disturbed by Luffy Aud Line 2) Eh Luffy is just being clueless again, right, right?

2. (Annoyed & Exasperated) Ugh, no, aside from fighting bad guys and eating, Luffy was never really good at understanding anything. So we figured it would be a big hassle to try.

3. (Trying to break the news to him gently) Actually Sanji that part is true…

4. (Trying to explain something to Chopper) Well you see Chopper, Usopp and this girl Kaya were really close and as far as we know she is still at their old home town.

5. (Friendly, Eager & Slightly Flirty) Alright big guy, there is no way I’m letting you take Robin away from us. After all she is not only a part of our crew but is very special to me as well. For the longest time I was originally the only lady in this crew and dealing with a bunch of rowdy men can be rather stressful until Robin came in and helped make things… less stressful. *as she now holding onto a smiling Robin’s left arm* When I’m not being a navigator I’m also quite the Treasure Hunter so she is simply the best partner a gal like me can ask for, isn’t that right Robin?

6. (Firm, Ready for Combat to slightly annoyed & flustered) Alright people enough chit-chat, okay big guy it’s you versus me! The winner will be getting Robin tonight! *brief pause and a blush* I… I knew what I said.

7. (Angry, Demanding) What part of “stay focused here” do you not understand?

8. (Enjoying a good meal) Hmm, wow this is good.

[Image: sxnr3Oq.jpg]
Nico Robin

Voice Type: Moderately Low to Low, Alluring, Calm, Kind, Cool-headed

Reference Clips:

Bio: The 7th member of the Straw Hat Crew, the Team Archeologist/Team Mom and the 2nd Woman in the team and is considerably calmer & more mature than her female cohort Nami. Oh yes and while she is one of the two titular characters in this story she barely has any lines in the 1st two segments but is much more talkative in the latter two though. Though Robin was originally an adversary of the Straw Hats during the Alabasta Arc as Miss All Sunday but then joined up with the Straw Hat crew afterwards in which they did take her in and she soon became a trusted ally. While certain Straw Hat members such as Nami was hesistant at letting Robin in at first but she and Nami soon became very close friends (in which this gets played up more in Nami's segment). But while Robin doesn't exploit her looks like what Nami would but she is not entirely above using her womanly allure either. However Robin is one of the more intellectual members of the team as she is often a voice of reason for the crew as well.

1. (Calm Casual Exposition) Well they did defeat my old boss so I thought I would go with them.

2. (Trying to be calm, Re: Aokiji Aud Line 3) I assure you Aokiji it’s not like that.

3. (Happily agreeing with Nami Aud Line 5) Indeed, since I’m quite the Archaeologist and with your love of Treasure Hunting you and I do make quite the team, Miss Navigator.

4. (Slightly Flustered) Well uh… Aokiji, Nami and I are close but… well…

5. (Playfully flirty tone) You’re not so bad yourself Miss Navigator. I too adore our times in the Bathes and Hot Spas we go to as I do often like to wash you with my various hands, and we both how I can be quite thorough.

6. (Calm & Motherly) Now settle down Chopper.

7. (Warm & Friendly, Small Laugh) Ah yes it’s so nice to see all of us having a nice meal like this together.

8. (Terrorfied, Re: Aokiji Aud Line 7) You… Aokiji, you… you poisoned them?


[Image: CIsgHc4.jpg]
Monkey D. Luffy

Voice Type: Moderately High, Scratchy, Boyish, Friendly, Playful, Eager, Teenage

Reference Clips:

Bio: The Star & Hero of this Franchise and the Star of the 1st Segment in this Story. Monkey D. Luffy is a young boy of 17 (who normally sounds like he is 12, in which his segment actually does go into that). Anyways Luffy is the Captain of the Straw Hat Crew as he has the powers of the Gomu Gomu Fruit as he can make his body very elastic, rubbery & durable and has used his rubbery abilities in many ways mainly in battle. While Luffy is often crude, tactless and can be quite naive to put it mildly he can be a good boy at heart. But still Luffy's biggest desires are adventure, eating lots of tasty meat and a good fight as he aspires to one day be the King of Pirates. Oh yes and I know its a preferred tradition to have Luffy be voiced by a woman but I am open to a guy playing him but it can go either way I suppose.


1. (Making a Grand Stand) Hey I’m not going to let you take Robin! Sure Robin may have been with bad people before but she really is not bad at all. She wanted to be with us and we want to be with her as she is our friend. So Robin is very special to me so I won’t let you take her!

2. (Slightly confused & naive to eager) Naughty stuff? Hmm… I dunno I mean I am going to be King of the Pirates. So I suppose I will be doing naughty stuff with all my crew members, so yeah I’ll be doing all sorts of naughty stuff with them.

3. (Puzzled to rather amused) Affection? *beat* Oh I get it; you guys are talking about sex. Well why didn’t you say so? *pause* Guys I know what sex is, so you didn’t have to hide that from me.

4. (Cheerful, Curious) Say Usopp have you ever had sex with that lady Kaya back in your hometown?

5. (Re: Roronoa Zoro Aud Line 6, Curious & Oblivious) Hmm… come to think of it Zoro that is true, after all Nami has slept with Robin plenty of times ever since Robin joined our crew. *Pause* And Nami & Robin do like to bathe together, and they do that a lot.

6. (Friendly, Backing up Sanji) Oh c’mon guys there is no need to be so mean to Sanji, he is good at other things too. He can do all sorts of kick attacks and is a great cook; he is one of the best cooks I know.

7. (Having an Idea, Energetic) Yeah c’mon guys there is no need for that, oh I know, hey Sanji I got an idea. Instead of telling this guy how awesome of a Chef you are, why not show him how awesome you are.

8. (Friendly but slightly defensive) C’mon Chopper how many times do I have to tell you I’m sorry for licking you the other day? I was really hungry and wanted to see if your flavor would hold me over until then.

[Image: V25gf86.jpg]
Tony Tony Chopper

Voice Type: Moderately High to High, Cutesy, Friendly, Youthful, Boyish, Child

Reference Clips:

Bio: Chopper is the 6th Member to join the Straw Hat Crew, the Doctor of the Crew and the youngest of the crew's members. When Chopper was once a normal reindeer but then he ate the Human-Human then he became a human/reindeer with the ability to speak like a human. (And also have the ability to have boost forms namely the ability to have a big bulky stronger form.) Anyways Chopper's ultimate goal is to be a great Doctor who can cure any disease as he was mentored by the likes of Hiruluk & Dr. Kureha in his homeland Drum Island. In this story he doesn't have that many lines as he only has about a couple of lines in the 1st 2 segments in which he does fare slightly better in the latter two.


1. (Eager & Supportive) Yeah you tell him Luffy!

2. (Nervous & Disturbed) Eh that’s okay Luffy, I’m sure you have more important matters to deal with first.

3. (Sweet & Sympathetic) Oh poor Usopp he seems so sad right now.

4. (Calm & Understanding, Re: Nami Aud Line 4) I can understand that, I do miss Dr. Kureha every now & then too.

5. (Inquisitive but Happy, Re: Aokiji Aud Line 6) You know now that you mention it your right it is kind of like that. But in that case who is the Mommy then Robin or Nami? Ah well I guess this means I have two Mommies then huh?

6. (Happy & Cheerful, Blissfully oblivious) You’re welcome Nami, I’m glad I could help.

7. (Uncertain but slightly hopeful) Well… maybe this Aokiji guy is not so bad after all.

8. (Angry & Demanding) ULP! It better not be Venison! Do you have any idea how many times I had to tell our Captain that I’m not livestock?!

Auditions Received:

Hope to hear from you soon!
Closed! Cast list up soon.
And here it is, here is the cast list...

Usopp- Riverdude9074 (US- pktoasty, Pokejedservo)
Sanji- Mark1Alda (US- Plagud, WardenOuma, NakkiPeruna)
Roronoa Zoro- DeathFlameXL (US- Deathlyreaper527, Pokejedservo)
Aokiji- Cringeivore (US- Pokejedservo)
Nami- Aislinn Faye (US- SpiritKitten, Nicole Moon)
Nico Robin- Fussbudgetjr (US- MermaidSenpai, Nicole Moon)
Monkey D. Luffy- SpiritKitten (US- Sobekneferu, Pokejedservo)
Tony Tony Chopper- chocolatemint (US- SpiritKitten, meggie-elise)

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