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male stone lead extras female role call dr unofficial dub casting for

Dr.Stone Unofficial Dub Casting Call (Casting For Lead Female Role/Male Extras)
YOU WILL NEED DISCORD IN ORDER TO FURTHER WORK IN THIS PROJECT WITH US Trailer (Link to Episodes completed in desc of this video)

Please Contact me On Discord [Lastni#8540] if you're interested in a live audition

or send me an email of your audition to (Yourname_Character)

Deadline is Sept 1st, 2018

Other Requirements:
⚫Please have a decent sounding microphone and have no background noise.

⚫Be comfortable with yourself and your voice

⚫Have fun and don't be afraid of auditioning

One day, Ooki Taiju was finally prepared to declare his love to his crush, Yuzuriha, and when he was finally about to do so... the world endswith everyone petrified by an unknown cause. During thousands of years, Taiju holds to his determination while being trapped in stone, thinking about Yuzuriha.

October 5th, 5738 AD. Taiju awakes and gets out of the stone. He finds that his friend, Senkuu, also survived, and they decide they are going to rebuild civilization from zero together. 

Once you have been cast, I will send you a link to our discord it will be the best way for me to keep everyone up to date.

Long term goal for this project is to catch up to Ch.45 of the Manga, which will mean more casting calls in the future for this Fandub.

(if it turns out you are cast and don't have discord or any means of using it AT ALL you will be recast)

[Image: default_Kohaku_Profile.png]


Kohaku is a primitive human born and raised in the village that Senku discovers after splitting up with Taiju and Yuzuriha because of Tsukasa thinking he killed him. Kohaku Is interested in Senku and she is a very much a warrior type. Being trained by the village and its own top fighter winning the village tournament due to her quick movement and strength. However things aren't always good for her. Her sister Ruri is very sick and she strives to find the cure to her mysterious disease with the help of Senku he may just be the key to find out how to cure her.  Looking for a Medium/Medium-High voice for Kohaku here, with a strong presence in her tone as she is very headstrong.

Line 1: NO USE IN TRYING TO MAKE EXCUSES NOW! IF YOU WANT TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF, DO IT IN HELL!! (Kohaku says this line while attacking Tsukasa after seeing him kill Senku)[Contempt/Determination/Spirit]

Line 2: My name is Kohaku. I think I've ended up really... Really, Reaaaaaaaallly Liking You. (Kohaku Says this after Senku Saves her from being crushed from a fallen tree)[Gratitude/Admiration/Fondness]

Line 3: Even though you live and act as a gentleman would, Your tongue is more twisted than the most crude of men.(Kohaku says this after Senku told her to save her strength after preferring to keep her guard up than sleep and that he couldn't take down a lioness even if he had the advantage)[Agitation/Mild-Shock]

[Image: default_JfWC0eq.png]

Male Extra

These Extras will be used in the next chapters coming up in mostly Chapter 10-12 You're welcome to audition for the other roles that will be coming up after these are cast.

Line 1: HE'S ALL FRICKIN SMOOTH AND SHINY?!(After seeing Senku naked this monkey retreats not knowing what its seen)[Amazement/Fear]

Line 2: An astronaut that's a wonderful dream! once you grow up...(Elderly Teacher Says this after a young first grader Senku says hes going to up to space)[Content/Joy]

Line 3: Where you from, Punk? What monkey hood you from, Sucka?(Monkey says this to Senku before realizing he has no hair on his body and tries to punk him like his monkey brethren)[Semi-Threatening/Want Summa Dis?]

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