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ps4 closed masters paid 7 pc videogame

7 masters is a hack and slash videogame located in a fantasy world, heavily inspired in ancient China and Japan. It features a complex story full of characters and creatures.
We’re currently working on a demo to show Sony, to see if we finally develop the game for Playstation 4. We’re a small indie studio, but the project is looking very promising.

We look for the voice of one of the main characters of the game. Currently, we only need a short monologue for the promo of our closed demo, but our intention is to find a good actor that can perform this character’s lines, once we record the final voices in the future.

The current narration is less than 100 words. I’ve added just 3 isolated sentences for this audition. The selected actor will perform the complete script and then receive payment through Paypal.
We have a budget of $50 for this promo voice acting.

We expect audio to be recorded clearly with no background noise. If you don’t have a good micro or environment to record, please don’t send your audio.
We don’t mind the use of audio filters/effects, if you feel it adds to the acting.

Our web:

Dragon King
[/url][url=]Character Image

He is an ancient creature with the power of a god. Once human, his soul was corrupted and he spread destruction upon Earth. Defeated by a gathering of Masters long ago, the Dragon King was exiled to the underworld, where he waits patiently until he can return to the mortal plane and unleash his revenge.

Gender: MALE.

Age: Unknown (many centuries old).

Personality: he’s wise and clever and prideful. He’s very powerful and sees himself as a god. He despises the human race, and after so many years in confinement, has an immense thirst for revenge. However, he’s patient, deceiving and most important, immortal.

Acting: he’s calm, but he talks with resentment. He’s tired of so many years of confinement, but he knows that soon he’ll rise again. You must feel that he’s a powerful character, very ancient and wise. But, he’s not a good guy, he hates humans and wants to destroy their world.

Audition Lines:

1. Mortals, weak and treacherous souls. You dare to defy a god.

2. A thousand years of fury will be unleashed upon your people.

3. And then, I’ll see your world… BURN!

Recording & Sending Instructions
-Save all files in 44100 hz mp3 or WAV format
-Label as Yourname_DragonKing.mp3
-Put "7Masters Audition" in the subject line of the e-mail

E-mail your auditions to:

DEADLINE: August, 5 (Sunday)

PAID: $50

This audition is closed. We'll announce the winner soon.
Thanks to everybody.


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