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male sqeaker fortnite female girl maximum skit funny high royale battle voice drift quality acting

Maximum Drift
Hello! My name is Chester, and I make high quality videos on yt. *Go to the bottom to see what it will be like, (but with better voice acting lol* (PLEASE READ EVERYTHING)

Atm i'm working on a fortnite skit based on the fast & furious, but instead, it has golf buggies! This project is not paid, I do not get paid from yt so this will just be for your portfolio. 

I will voice act for drift, but I need a female voice actor for redline, a male squeaker for the sniper (Survival Specialist), and Survival Specialists mum.

It starts out with redline (One of the main characters) walking around trying to find loot, and then she finds a massive pile of super rare loot. But then she sees someone else running towards it. They both get to the loot at the same time, so they settle it in a golf buggie race! But what they both didn't know was, there was someone waiting to snipe redline.

Redline is a character that has a lot of common sense and will always sound like she knows what shes talking about (Not a know it all thought. Just smart). This is a female role, and is practically the main character. 

For redline, you need a clear easy to understand voice, preferably an australian accent. But it doesn't matter.


Redline: Hey, thats mine!!

Redline: SHOTGUN!!!! *Slo-Mo*

Drift: DIBS!!! *Slo-Mo

Drift: Hey, I said dibs, I should get the loot!

Redline: Yeah but I said shotgun! According to urban dictionary, shotgun over rules all 'girly calls'.

Survival Specialist: (The sniper) Is suppose to be a little kid that only needed one more kill for level 7 (This is why he sniped redline). He is suppose to act like Michael p, or a little raging minecraft kid. 


Survival Specialist: Hey, bro i'm back, wanna 1v1 me now?

Drift: Yes! Your gonna get recked

Survival Specialist: Heh, lets see that happen.

Survival Specialist: OW! *Michael p scream 


For Survival Specialist: You must be able to sound like a 9 year old male, and have a way to ear rape. 

Survival Specialists mum: This is a small (female) part, but one that people will remember, when Drift and survival specialist are just about to fight. Survival Specialists mum comes in and says that it is past your bedtime and you need to get off! 

Survival Specialist: Yeah I just needed one more kill for level 7, please don't hurt me..

Survival Specialists Mum: GET OFF RIGHT THIS INSTANCE!

Survival Specialist: But mum, i'm fighting this noob.

Survival Specialists Mum: I DON'T CARE, ITS PAST YOUR BED TIME!

Survival Specialist: ugh.. fine..

For this role you don't need to be a mum, but you must have the type of voice of one.

Deadline is 28th of july  28/07/18

Email -

if you need a quick awnser talk to me on discord Moozii#7783 (I'll reply quicker, unless i'm asleep)

File names - MDRec_*character_name*

I usually take a week - 2 weeks to finish videos (With school starting soon, Maybe longer), so please be pacient. 

This is my most recent fortnite skit, please watch this if you're thinking of applying.

If you play fortnite you may get the role easier, because you will understand it a bit more.

If you get the job I will give you the full script on discord, or on gmail.

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