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unpaid closed little busters fandub

Fan Dub (CLOSED) [UNPAID] Little Busters! Fandub
Series Information

Little Busters! is an anime series with three seasons, based off of a visual novel that was released in 2007. The company that developed the series is quite notable for their other works, such as Clannad, Angel Beats, Kanon, etc. Much like their previously released series', Little Busters! is heavily romance driven, with many emotional moments. However, it has a much higher focus on comedy than some other productions by the company. 

Project Details

For this project, we only plan on voicing certain scenes from seasons one and two. These scenes will be decided as a group once we have everyone together.

For each scene, we’ll practice until we’re all satisfied with our line delivery. We’ll at first try to do group practice sessions with everybody involved in a call, but if we experience too many complications due to various potential issues (time zones, work schedules, etc.), then I’ll practice with everyone individually in a private call with just me and one of the video editors. The specified time for our practice sessions has yet to be decided, as I want us to find a time that works for everyone.

For our practice sessions, everyone in the server will be sent a script that will contain all of the lines from the current scene, which we’ll then attempt to practice for at least an hour (perhaps longer, depending on everyone’s availability).

Once we've finished practicing the scene, everyone involved in the project is expected to record each of their lines separately and to send these recordings to one of the editors through a private message on Discord (I’ll specify who when the time comes). It is recommended that you send them to him through a .rar file, so he won't be spammed with an enormous amount of messages.

Everyone will be given enough time for this to be done, but there will be a deadline, which will be decided once we get to that point.


In order for your audition to be accepted, you must meet certain criteria:

1. You MUST have a Discord, as that is where our practice sessions will be held.
2. You must have enough free time for our practice sessions and to record each of your individual lines.
3. You must have little to no background noise or echo, and your voice quality has to at the very least sound decent.
4. You have to sound close enough to the character you're auditioning for.

5. Prior knowledge of the series IS NOT required for you to audition. However, you must be willing to watch the scenes we decide to dub so you can gain an accurate idea on how the characters are supposed to sound. It is also recommended that you watch a few clips from the show before auditioning.

I'm not searching for professional voice acting, as I myself am no professional. We're all going to try to improve our skills and have fun.

For the practice sessions, whether they’re held as a group or in a private call, please try to make sure that you don’t have too many absences. The occasional delay is fine, and I’m willing to be lenient if a valid reason is given beforehand, but too many absences may result in you getting removed from the project. 


While we have a considerable amount of the characters we need, after a month of open auditions on two other sites we have failed to find people to voice all of the necessary characters. This list will be updated accordingly.

While any particular accent is acceptable, it is recommended that the characters are not given heavy accents, as they are not depicted to have any in the show.


Komari is very childish for her age, and is known for her happy-go-lucky personality. She usually seems to be happy in most situations, and even knows a lot about theories involving happiness. She is sweet, caring, kind and friendly towards everyone, which makes it easy for her to get along with others.

1. "Uwaah! I-I'm sorry! There are all sorts of mysteries in this world, like snacks and candy and sweets falling from the sky!"
2. "Optimism magic. When you're feeling down, you say it out and follow it with an "alright"! See, everything negative gets flipped positive!"
3. "Losing something is sad. Even when I lose something as tiny as a worn-out eraser, I feel pretty down for a day or two. That's why I'm looking for him."


Kurugaya is self-sufficient, reliable, and caring. For that reason she is seen as an older sister to everyone despite being the same age of almost the entire cast. Though she mostly behaves like an adult, she never lets go of an opportunity to do something she considers to be funny. She likes pulling pranks on Riki and joking indecently about him, his behavior, or his intentions.

1. "I can't stand how you're having so much fun by yourselves. Allow me to enjoy the sunshine of youth with these beautiful, young girls."
2. "Being roommates means that she'd be sleeping right next to me at night. What am I supposed to do? Just imagine her sitting on her bed in her pajamas after a shower. I'd get on top of her without a second thought!"
3."I'll show no mercy upon anyone who dares to break the steady flow of my happy utopia."


As the chairman of the public morals committee, she is known to be rather serious and strict when it comes to enforcing the schools rules. However, despite her rather cold and sometimes hostile demeanor, it has been shown that she does have a softer side.

1. "It may be better to go and regret it rather than staying here and regretting it. If you don’t move forward, you can’t gain anything."
2. "Yes, I know. I'm a jerk. That's why I'll do whatever it takes."
3. "Life is a game where if one person becomes happy, another becomes unhappy. Everyone thinks that they're the most unhappy. And everyone who thinks they're unhappy thinks everyone else is happy."


Midori is Mio's imaginary friend, and serves as her exact opposite in terms of personality. She's mischievous and finds it easy to communicate with others. During the majority of her screen time, she's shown to be taunting Riki.

1. "That's not nice. You're making it sound like I'm at fault here. I didn't do anything."
2. "You see, I don't have a shadow either. Nobody's noticed, though. But Mio cared way too much about it. People don't normally stare at your feet, you know? But she always has her parasol open and gets nervous. It's so dumb."
3. "I know. You're desperately trying to hold on to your memories. But it's only a matter of time. Your memory of Mio is slowly disappearing. It's getting more and more difficult to remember her. Just a little longer, and you'll see me as Mio too."

Audition Information

If you are interested in auditioning for any of the above characters, please record yourself voicing the given lines and send them to me through my email ( 


Thank you to anyone who has taken an interest in this project.

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This project is now closed.

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