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to male unpaid skyrim follower credit actor the mod voice full

Video Game (UNPAID) - (Skyrim Mod) Male Follower. FULL CREDIT to the voice actor.
Good day. I have already completed my Skyrim mod but I can't release it until I find a voice actor capable of giving life to this character.

It's a Skyrim mod involving a male character. The character is an old forgotten deity. He can interact with other NPC's such as Serana, Mjoll, Haelga, Babette, J'Zargo, Annekke, Aela, Sheogorath and vanillla followers.

The scripting has been tested and it works perfectly. I spent time editing voices with the vanilla resources. (I mean, even Alduin can speak the follower's name during the final battle). I can provide some videos to show the features of the character. He can help you complete Boethia's calling without having a penalty and respecting the lore, the Paarthurnax quest is also modified (You can actually fight Delphine and force her to spare Paarthurnax), even the Taste of Death quest line has a special twist. All these modifications have already been tested so there are not CTD issues so far.

Ulises. Voice type. Rough deep. (A Christian Bale Batman's "Where are they?" tone won't do the trick here). He's a ladies man but also a man of honor. He won't hesitate to give you guidance when needed. In fact, he'll go with you to Apocrypha and even Sovngarde to help you during the final battle against Alduin.

The follower can help the player make the "right" decisions (and reward him/her). This mod is for those gamers that love to role play the good guy. He makes comments in almost every quest line. (Main Quest, Dragonborn, Dawnguard, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Companions, Winterhold College and some daedric quests).

Line 1. "What you did for Kodlak... Well... It was simply heart-warming. Such things are done by mortals close to divinity... Well done." (Mood: Happy).

Line 2. "By protecting Paarthurnax, you gave the Blades a lesson of humility. For that, I thank you. Here, take this…" (Mood: Serious).

Line 3. "Die quickly so my friend and I can raise a glass to your death". (Mood: Cocky during battle).

Friday the 27th of July

Interested? Send me your audition to; I'm eager to work with you.

Additional notes:
Even though the project is unpaid; I'll create a trailer for the mod. At the end of the trailer, the character will give credit to the voice actor's name as well as a link to his profile. A "symbolic" gratification will also be added at the end of the project.
I know the deadline is up, but curious to know if you found an actor for this role. Can't wait to see the mod!
Is this role still available? I'd love to give it a shot

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