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unpaid fan who audio seeking two drama rebirth leads doctor

[Unpaid] Doctor Who: Rebirth - Fan Audio Drama : SEEKING TWO LEADS
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Hey there everyone, I'm the head writer, editor, director and producer of an upcoming fan audio drama series called Doctor Who Rebirth which takes place in an alternate universe where we get to play with our own incarnations of The Doctor, with the first incarnation using the likeness of Peter Cushing who played "Dr Who" in the films from the 60s and was also offered the part of the 2nd Doctor but turned it down, and here we're going to be imagining what he could have been like as The Doctor, for real. Or, well, in our own little world.

Audition Details:
 That said, as of right now we're looking to fill the roles of The Doctor (our First incarnation) and his first companion, Alessa Whitmore. The person auditioning for the First Doctor will hopefully be able to do an impersonation of Peter Cushing's accent and voice[url=][/url], but something resembling what he sounded like would also do. Alessa is an early twenties woman from London, England so any woman who can do a London-ish accent and can sound like they're in their twenties would be solid.

First Doctor Lines
The Doctor: -compassionate- I too don't have a home. I know your pain, young Alessa. I ran away. My people believe they chased me out, and I'd like them to think that. Sadly, the reality of the situation was I was too compassionate for their beliefs. They didn't see my position on helping others as well...profitable to our society. I left to do what I believed was right, helping others.

The Doctor: -subtle anger- Don't mistake my kindness for weakness, no sir. My name may be The Doctor, but if you continue to tread this way I'll ensure your life is a living hell.

Alessa Whitmore Lines
Alessa Whitmore - So, what do you mean your name is The Doctor? Are you some sort of amnesiac and don't remember what your parents called you? That's pretty silly if you ask me.

Alessa Whitmore - I don't have anywhere to go. My parents died when I was born and I've been in and out of homes and orphanages since I can remember. Not the life for me, I found I did better and was happier living out here on the streets alone. It's been a tough life, but life is easier when nobody seems to care about you, in my opinion. 
[Image: FiSKsjq.png]

The First Doctor

The First Doctor is the first incarnation of the renegade Time Lord known as 'The Doctor' in the alternate universe/timeline of Doctor Who Rebirth. He was a caring individual and would often step out of his own comfort zone to help those in need, specifically dangerous situations. He was heavily ridiculed and bullied in Time Lord society which is what lead him into stealing a TARDIS and beginning his adventures through time and space as an act against the Time Lord Interference Policy and his distaste for it, of which he would speak out against many times.

Throughout his travels his personality would soon darken due to the horrors of the universe and would go from a kind, gentle man into a more cunning and manipulative person, although that deep seated caring and loving demeanor would still remain.

For the first three hundred years of his travels, putting him around the age of 407 he traveled alone seeing the sights the universe had to offer, until he arrived on Earth in July of 2018 and would find himself meeting his first companion, Alessa Whitmore a homeless woman in her early 20s whom he would soon develop a close bond, and friendship with. Feeling connected at them both being without a home (with him having left Gallifrey) he decided to bring Alessa with him and show her the wonders of time and space.

In his current body he seems to be around 50 some-odd years of age in human years, but is actually 407 years old. He speaks in a Surrey accent (listen to Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars to nail what I'm looking for).

Alessa Whitmore
(appearance will be based upon the actress chosen)

Alessa Whitmore is a homeless woman in her early 20s whom lives on the streets of England after her parents died at a young age and she was forced into numerous foster homes her entire life and would eventually run away, similar to The Doctor and has lived on the streets ever since. She's a somewhat cynical and has immense trust issues, but soon begins to open up and develop a very close bond of friendship with The Doctor and eventually start viewing him as a parental figure.

Auditions will be closing July 31st, 2018 at midnight. You can email all audition submissions to with the subject title - "Doctor Who Rebirth - [Character Name] Audition - Your Name".

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