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snowball icy adventutres of the actorneeded voice for

Voice actorneeded for the: Icy adventutres of Snowball
Hello everyone 1st off I'd like to say thank you for coming to this production audition. Second,  I really need help, I've tried to the self-take care of the audition, but it eventually dawned on me that I cant do this alone. this as of right now is a small youtube project that I hope to get into reality. so there is only one role I'll be needing as of now you'll see when you scroll down below. this is intended to be an action sci-fi cartoon but with a truckload of comedy and jokes, not all serious, and edgy and dark. it's a kid-friendly series but anyone at any age should be able to enjoy it, though the main demographic is 12 and up. the deadline is July- 24th 2018. i have hopes of eventually becoming a great artist and love storytelling and art but also to have fun and joke around. my name: Kameron and I look forward to working with you if you get the role, if not sorry it's nothing personal. Thank you if you're interested in the following role and if you cant mimic him I say they should sound like that's okay all I ask is that you try your best.

[Image: default_Snowball.png]: Snowball is the character who still needs a voice actor his voice high pitch like bubbles from Powerpuff girls only he's a boy.

Thanks for reading and auditioning

(Also this is an non paying job hope you don't mind)
Audition Line: Hi I'm Snowball and I Like to play!


That'll be all thank you!
~Hey there you need to post an audition line/script and a way for people to e-mail you.
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]

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