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list amp episodes final up cast fantasy adventure 7 8 fandub

Fan Dub Final Fantasy Adventure Fandub Episodes 7 & 8 CAST LIST UP
[Image: PKP2OLn.jpg]
Final Fantasy Adventure Episode 7 and 8 Fandub Auds
Well Ladies & Gentlemen this is it, the final casting call for my Final Fantasy Adventure Fandub series that I started back in 2013 in which the 1st episode came out 1/22/14 (namely a couple of days after my 30th Birthday). This fandub series is for the Game Boy game Final Fantasy Adventure from Square in which I used footage from the late great Youtube Video Game Walk-Through maker SakyoMog (who made his Video Walk-Through so I can do this fandub), and now after 4 years I will be able to finish it. This is for the final 2 episodes namely Episode 7 (Dime Tower) which is a fairly short one and the last one which is Episode 8 (Mana Tree Finale).  In which if you haven’t done so already you can catch up with the earlier episodes in the series here at…
Anyways here are the Rules/Guidelines for this…
1. Multiple takes are allowed but optional.
2. This is more of a guideline than anything else but if you want to audition I would recommend that you audition for at least more than one role, it would help increase your chances of getting cast at all.
3. Please record your lines as either (YourName)_(CharacterName)_(LineNumber) or (YourName)_(CharacterName) if you prefer to do all the lines at once. Such as Pokejedservo_Marcie_1 for example.
4.  Please e-mail your auditions to or in which since there are only 2 male & female roles no zipped folders are necessary you could just attach the auditions to your email (especially if you did the all audition lines in one clip route. That being said if you audition for either both male roles or both female roles do keep the characters in separate clips if you do that.)
5.  The Deadline is 7/18/18 though it may be extended if necessary.
Now without further or adieu here are the roles.
(Note: Since this is about the series finale there will be spoilers in these Audition lines, viewer discretion is advised.)
[Image: htTFOqt.jpg]
Voice Type: Moderate to Low, Robotic, Friendly
Bio: A Robot created by Dr. Bowow decades ago to be used to read the hieroglyphics at the Dime Tower but was left there and has resided in the tower ever since. While Marcie does seem to show resentment for basically being abandoned but has no ill will towards Sumo was quite eager to help our hero in the Dime Tower. Not only does Marcie translate the ancient scriptures in the tower but also fights monsters with lasers and can refill your MP when you use the ASK command in the menu. While Marcie does get a pretty good amount of lines he only appears in Episode 7.
1.       (Friendly Intro)  I AM MARCIE. I SEARCH RELICS. DR. BOWOW MADE ME.
2.       (Sad & Abandoned) HE LEFT ME HERE. I WAITED 50 YEARS. HE FORGOT ME.
3.       (Pleading & Hopeful) I CAN HELP YOU. TAKE ME WITH YOU.
4.      (Cryptic, Reading a Scripture) ONE WHO TOUCHES THE MANA TREE GETS THE MIGHTY POWER.
5.       (Urgent Warning) TOWER LOST IT'S BALANCE. MUST HURRY OUT.
6.       (Calmly accepting his fate) I WAS MADE TO WORK IN HERE. AND I SLEEP HERE.
[Image: aJCWu1Y.jpg]
Voice Type: Moderately Low to Low, Calm, Calculating, Sinister, (Later Demonic)
Bio: The Man who was originally the Dark Lord’s right-hand man is this Dark Wizard who ended up betraying the Dark Lord and taking power over Vandole and has became the game’s Big Bad. Back in Episode 4, Julius took Fuji with him after Sumo spent so much time rescuing her in order to use her to open the way in the Waterfalls to the Mana Tree to harness its power. But in Episode 8, it appears that Julius has succeeded and Sumo must defeat him to restore peace to the land. While Julius fights Sumo as himself at first his later 2 battles involve him taking on a more demonic form so feel free to use some vocal effects on those lines.
1.      (Human, Smug & Calm) You’re late, Sumo…
2.       (Human, Mad with Power) I already got the greatest power of Mana!
3.       (Human, Bold Declaration) The time has come for the Empire Neo-Vandole!
4.       (Demonic, Eager for Battle) See the true power of Mana now!
5.       (Demonic, Angry Threat) Sumo! You will never leave here alive!
[Image: lMT0SSO.jpg]
Fuji’s Mother
Voice Type: Moderately Low, Calm, Mystical, Motherly, Middle Aged
Bio: Fuji’s Mother who initially had 1 scene in Episode 2 as the Spectral Woman whom is the source of the Mana Tree’s power is now back for the finale in Episode 8. She briefly appears before Sumo’s final battle with Julius to give Sumo the Excalibur but gets a lot more lines after the battle as she explains to Sumo & her daughter Fuji about what will happen now. (Note: Also if you like feel free to put in some vocal effects namely some echo/reverb in your audition in which its optional but would help increase your chances.)
1.       (Calm & Impressed) You have been a great Knight of Gemma, I see.
2.       (Firm & Commanding) I shall give you the Excalibur. Now defeat Julius!
3.       (Soft & Motherly) Fuji, my dear….
4.       (Sad & Uneasy) Now that the Mana Tree is lost, we need… a new Gemma of the Mana Tree.
5.       (Sad but Hopeful) Yes, Fuji. But… you are the last member of us Mana Family. To preserve the Mana Tree, we need you to stay here and become the Gemma. But… Fuji… Nobody else can decide for your life but you…
6.       (Kind & Motherly) Sumo… Please guard my daughter. You are the only Gemma Knight for the Tree now….
[Image: lQF9GNS.jpg]
Voice Type: Moderate to Moderately High, Youthful, Soft, Friendly, Cute
Bio: The Heroine/Damsel in Distress for this game who was held captive by Julius in Episode 4 but now regains a speaking role again in Episode 8 as Sumo manages to get to her & Julius. In which after the final battle has won her mother shows up and tells her what must be done now.
1.       (Regaining Consciousness) ...Sumo.
2.       (Concerned & Uneasy) What am I supposed to do?
3.       (Surprised) Mom?
4.       (Shocked & Confused) That tree? What is it you?
5.       (Determined to Scared) I will, Mom. I will be the new Tree of Mana. But if I’m the last one left, when I fall…
6.       (Sad to Hopeful) Bye… Sumo. Please go… I must stay here… Don’t worry I will be here as long as… You guard me from the evil….
Auditions Received
Hope to hear from you all soon!
And closed! Cast list will be up soon!
The Cast List is up and here it is!

Marcie: GoombaTrooper97 (US: The Crow Flies, KaptKaboose, Dylan Rooks, Lando Carlson, Pokejedservo)
Julius: Friendly Firaga (US: skullface, The Crow Flies, Vincent Fallow, WickerMan, Pokejedservo)
Fuji: pastafrutti (US: Nicole Moon, knuckleheadtori, Jenni, ThiccLoli, Forenza)
Fuji's Mother: Julia Eve (US: Rondirooboo, elusivevoice)

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