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unpaid roleplaying characters closed 1n 3f character 3m podcast

CLOSED [Unpaid] Roleplaying/Podcast 3M Characters 3F Characters 1N Character
We are a group of roleplayers that are recording our sessions to be released as podcasts.  

The setting is modern day England centered around a military/intelligence theme.  We are looking to include audio diary entries to be used throughout the story.

We are looking for volunteers[Unpaid] to voice audio diary entries for the six characters as well as one more for the recorded computer/pa announcements. 

Diary Entries Female & Male

There are no limits to their nationality, race or accent. The facility where the entries are recorded is an international one.  The only limits we have for this is that the characters are professional people recording audio entries as a part of their jobs.  

Audition Lines 

Female & Male

1 [Tired] Tuesday the 12th.  Still no improvement on the first subject.  Category 4 and 5 have shown an increase but nothing that would satisfy the project goals.

2 [Concerned/Frustrated] McDonald has put in a request for a fresh supply of material.  This is the second request in as many weeks.  I am concerned that they are not following the project plan as there is no reason to consume this much in such a short time.


1 Access Granted

2 Emergency.  Evacuate the area.  Proceed to the nearest safe zone.

Please ask any questions that come to mind and we are grateful for all of those who apply.  If you wish to submit for more than one role please feel free.

Don't worry about labeling them as we will do that this end and submissions can be made in whichever format you are able to.  If you can zip them and include a txt file with your contact details to make it easier to identify you.

Please send to  The deadline for these roles is 1/7/18.  We will reply to confirm that we have received them and let you know either way when the decisions are made.  

Thanks for your time.
Just a few days left. A great response for the male and computer roles but zero female scientist auditions!

Now is the chance if you want to try something new or something you are workshopping.

Get in touch and thanks in advance!

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