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male unpaid children female roles urgent voices series needed 1 kids for 3

Urgent! Kids Voices needed for Children Series [Unpaid] (Roles: 3 Female, 1 Male)
I am doing a kids dance series and are looking for young voices. The characters are about 5 years old and they are super outgoing, and playful. The series is based around 4 kids who teach about the history of dance and how to do dance moves. I will be adding more kids in later as well! 

Please email audition lines to:
Urgent Deadline: 6/8/2018


Lines for all character auditions: The characters are ( Jazzy (Female), Faith (Female), Ky (Female), and Carter (Male)
Ad-lib as much as you want. 

"Hi I'm (character name)! (giggles), and this is: "Dance! Dance! Dance!"

"We will be showing you super cool dance moves and feature some of the best kid dance crew videos."

"There will be lots of really really fun challenges and cool guests stopping by!"

"Oh yea andddd we are gonna have tons of giveaways and shoutouts!"

"So stay tuned and “Get Ready To Dance, Dance, Dance!”

Theme Song Lyrics: Ad-lib as much as you want

"Move your feet and don’t miss a beat!"

"Wave your hands then do a handstand!"

"Jump up high and touch the sky"

"Keep on moving cause we’re grooving!"

Dance! Dance! Dance! (giggles)

Comment, Like, & Subscribe Today! What are you waiting for?

(sound effects as you are riding one a n out-of-control rocket) 

(sound effects as you are dancing with friends having fun)

(any other fun sound effects that you would like to add)
do you still need voices?

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