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male a in extras warrior action deep strong origin nintendo boot sergent of the kirby camp more voice and webseries sergeant need meta extra knight

Animation Kirby Webseries "Origin of the Meta Knight" in Need of a Drill Sergent (And More)
We need to fill the last few spots in our Kirby Webseries! Actors must be prompt with a good quality microphone. Plus some recurring and extra characters, these are all small roles, most with 1 or 2 lines. This project is unpaid.

Please contact me at the email below for auditions. Deadline is June 4th. Any format is accepted.


My Email (Please Contact Me for Voice Acting Here):

My YouTube (Please Subscribe for Regular Updates and Check Out the Series):

My Newgrounds (Pop-culture Site Where Most of the Viewing Will Be):


Voice Needed SOON. Please inquire at the email above with test lines ready:

A boot camp sergeant with a very gruff voice whose seen battle a plenty. Though a grizzled man who is usually seen yelling at the new recruits to toughen up, he also has a soft side for his comrades and his toddler son, whom he felt forced to bring along after his wife died and he didn't trust anyone else to care for him. His stubburdness inadvertently puts his son in harms way.

Line 1: "If it doesn't hurt, it's not training!"
Line 2: "*briefing* Every beast is a unique challenge to overcome, and it all begins with basic physical fitness! Let's work out!"
Line 3: "*Pleading* P-Please... I-I need you to take my boy as well... He can't stay here any longer..."
Line 4: "*grim* I can't decide which is worse... not having enough time, or something the opposite..."

Recurring Roles (Please inquire for lines, as these are smaller roles) Include:
- Male. Hulking and dumb as doornails.
- Male. Australian warrior looking to redeem himself.
- Male. Snide and cold ninja apprentice, with a tendency of being too cocky.
- Male. Hot-heated ninja apprentice, whose strong yet a klutz.
- Male. Big dude with a Boston accent.
- Male. A father facing a hard decision.
- Male. A brave man losing a friend.
- Ambiguous. An army recruit.

Please inquire at the Email above!


*Help Support this Project*
This series is NOT be made for profit of any kind and does NOT reflect the views of Nintendo or Hal Laboratories. The Kirby Franchise and the Characters, Music, and the like associated with it are property of Hal Laboratories, a branch of Nintendo. All Rights Reserved.

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