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a actors machinima movie gtav voice film for gta 5 looking

Machinima Looking for voice actors for a GTA 5 film
The film takes place in 1987 when the world is in a dark time after the fall of the superheroes. An old heroes decided to bring together a group of new heroes to take down a threat in the city that could cause a lot of trouble for everyone. need the main cast and a few supporting roles.

First character is a guy that is 20 and used to be working in the government before quitting and forming a private detective agency as a vigilante named Stallion (He has a slightly gritty voice)

audition lines

So you are putting together a team?
And you are?
The name is Stallion.
Come on, lets move.

The other is a guy that is 24 and is a gun for hire with explosive hands. He goes by the name Boom man.
(He has a gritty and slight muffled voice because of the mask he wears, he also has a sense of experience to him)
audition lines

Call me the Boom man.
God damn idiots.
Stallion get the hell over here!

The other is a 18 guy named Thomas row and his farther was the original captain independence, after his farther died he decided to take on the role as the new captain independence. (He has a more younger voice compared to the rest)
Audition lines

Stick to codenames.
My farther was the original captain independence.
The role is pasted down
what are we going to do now?

The last character is the main character named jack shaw. He is 34 and was a business worker while at night he beats up criminals as the vigilante known as the crusader(voice similarly to Stallion)
Audition lines

Thomas? Is that you?
So you meant to be the Stallion.
I'm doing this for my family.

A side character that is need is Henry James, a 64 government contractor who was a superhero named Mr white in 1967. He is the man who brings together everything for the mission. (He has a older gentlemen sounding voice)
audition lines

My name is Henry James.
Thomas, meet Jack Shaw.
The military got me.

The main villain is a mercenary named jack peters and is trying to take over the streets and run illegal businesses in the city(He has a mercenary mafia sounding voice to him that also has a sinister tone)

audition lines

Why do you dress like that?
set up a meet, we are going to flush him out.
your gonna pay for messing with my business.

character list


Captain independence-

Boom man-

The crusader-

Henry James-
Jack peters-

deadline is next wednesday.
Send the voice lines here

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