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a in child role star modification game for kotorii wars

Fan Project : Child Role in a Game Modification for Star Wars: KotORII
I need a voice actor that can perform as:
  • Male.
  • A believable 10-year-old child.
  • American or Canadian accent.
This is for a game modification (mod) for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. The project is a remastering of a mod called "Korriban Expansion". This is an unpaid gig.

Some background information about the character:
Jett Darklighter: Think "Anakin Skywalker from The Phantom Menace", but more self-assured and not whiny - a boy whose Force abilities are just starting to blossom. Confident but innocent. He has faced some tragedy with the loss of his parents, but it has not discouraged nor diminished his optimism. His parents started him on his journey to be a Jedi, and he is determined to finish it. A likable character. Jett is from Tatooine, the desert planet featured in many of the Star Wars movies.

Recording Suggestions: Please record in a quiet space with some sort of sound dampening. If you don't have a studio, I recommend recording in either clothes filled closet or in a car. Files should be submitted in stereo in WAV format. Thanks for listening to my request, folks!

Here's the dialogue I'd like to be recorded. Please let me know if there are any questions about pronunciation.
  • Jett Darklighter. Why?
  • Are you a Jedi?
  • I don't know. Just a feeling I have, I guess. It's like something calling out to me.
  • Once, I think. Back home on Tatooine a few years ago, I was with my parents in the port of Anchorhead when I felt someone or something through the crowd.
  • Well, since you asked, I'm faster and quicker than most other kids when we play. I can kind of see things happening before they actually do. Oh, and I have these dreams.
  • Yep. I dream about planets I've never been to and people I've never seen, but I know they are real.
  • My parents and I were on our way to Dantooine when something bad happened there, and our transport was forced to Nar Shaddaa. My parents were injured during the turmoil and the medical care they received in the refugee sector was too late. After they died, I just stayed trusting that my situation would get better. Then one night . . . I was awoken by Lord Poxus, and he brought me here.
  • Yes. I have uncles and aunts still there, but I don't think I belong there. I belong out here.
  • Because my parents said so. They said it was my destiny.
  • They were taking me to Dantooine to meet some important people. They told me I was born to help others, and the people on Dantooine could help me do that. So, here I am, still trying to get to Dantooine. I figure it is what my parents would have liked.
  • I want to be a Jedi.
  • I knew it. It's like something called out to me.
  • That's funny. Are you sure you're not a Jedi?
  • Uhm, yeah . . . I think so. I don't know how much longer I could have resisted if you hadn't shown up though.
  • Lord Poxus brought me here because I resisted his lessons. The voices from the holocrons say I have to sit here until I accept the Dark Side of the Force.
  • I look forward to your instruction, Master.
  • A lightsaber? Yes. I have sparred with remotes and computer simulations.
  • I will not fail you.
Please name your file "[name you wish to be credited as]_Jett_lineno.wav".  (I'll split the files myself.)

Zip them all up, along with a text file with your contact details to  Folks chosen will receive the complete dialogue.

Deadline: Wednesday the 30th of May.

Thank you for your attention.

Some pronunciation notes:
"Nar Shaddaa" pronounced as "Nar Shuh-da"  The "Shaddaa" rhymes with "ta-da"
"Holocron" pronounced as "Hollow - cron"
Perhaps you might need a voice actress like me to perform that voice!
Well, I'd love to hear an audition sample using the dialogue above.

I have added a few pronunciation notes to assist anyone interested.

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