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lead austen vas female webtoon line for need looking

Looking for Line Webtoon VAs: NEED AUSTEN FEMALE LEAD
Hi, My name is Anais and I'm an online voice actor looking for a band of people to work with on a series of voice over projects using comics from a popular free site known as Line Webtoon. There are a number of comics I would like to do with a group of dedicated people who love voice acting as much as I do. This site is completely free to the public and has a variety of comics for anyone separated into various genres.  All the comics I plan on doing with other fellow voice actors will be posted to one of my YouTube channels here Right now there isn't much content but once recording starts for each comic all chapters will be posted there.

The first few comics I was thinking about doing first are:
1) Always Human
3) Where Tangents Meet
4)Girl's of Wild

The order of these comics will more than likely be done in this exact order you see here listed. Starting off with some simple comics before making our way to more extensive stuff with a much larger group of people coming together. I am not looking for a fixed number of people to join in my crusade, I'm looking for anyone that has enough time in their schedule to lend their voices and want to be considered as a go to voice actor for every future project to come their way.

How auditioning for characters will be done like this:
Recording Lines: 
-Your recording has to be very clear
-No static or background noises of any kind, it has to be clear
-Lines must be recorded in WAV. Or MP3. Format (AVI. format may also be accepted if I am capable of using the file)
-Label lines correctly
-Label lines as (your username_charactername_line#)
-Example (AnaisMarie_VinyScratch_01)
When emailing your auditions, label the subject with the name of the comic along with your username also in the email
You can send them to < My personal email where you can also use to ask me any questions you have about any roles you will like to audition for.

The first comic I want to get off the ground is the first one on the list which will be 'Always Human'. This webtoon in particular will star two female characters and multiple side characters that come and go as well as recurring. Always Human is a scifi webcomic set in the distant future focusing on the developing romance between Sunati, a VR environment designer, and Austen, a university chemistry student.
 You can check out the Webtoon comic right here at this link

You can read the comic completely for free and see which character you think you will best portray as. I will give a brief description about each character that comes across in the comic. 

Sunati: She's a but of a quirky woman who becomes easily embarrassed over little everyday things and to put it simply, she is a straight up dork but a very lovable dork. She tries her best to do the right but always seems to say the wrong thing at the wrong time but doesn't mean she won't try to make things right.

Line 1: "There's a girl I see at the station sometimes, A girl I can't but notice. It's not that she has any fancy mods, it's just that she never changes."

Austen (love interest): She's a pretty straight forward person who isn't afraid to speak her mind or tell you how she feels about herself or others. She can also be quite emotional at times but only because she does have times where she can't express herself fully cause of her disability.

Line 1: "I can't use mods. I always have hayfever in the spring, and freckles in the summer. And the same stupid eyes and the same stupid skin. I'll always be boring, and ordinary, and human." (she says this line while crying a bit)

Rae (Sunati's Best Friend): She's that blunt friend that we are all familiar with that let you know when you are making a mistake and makes sure you realize full force. She can have a bit of an attitude but that's only because she really cares for Sunati because they have known one another for years.

Line 1: "Look, I know that was a complete disaster, but don't you think your overreacting just a bit?"
Line 2: 'No way! Sunati, Sweetheart, that would be dishonest don't you get it? You're the type of person who likes new things. You like bright colors and sparkles and there's nothing wrong with that."

Sunati's Father: Very laid back and chill, he kinda has little to no personality other than the fact he and his wife share a boyfriend to keep their relationship "fresh".

Line 1”Sweetheart, if you don’t want to go to boarding school that’s your choice, okay? But we want you to give this place a chance.”
Line 2: “Your mum and I can’t teach you about all the things that interest you. And we definitely don’t have the sort of technology that they’ve got here, not at the outpost.”

Sunati's Mother: Pretty much the same description as the father and really cares for her daughter Sunati and shows genuine concern for her daughter at times. 

Line 1: “Sunati, Have you connected to the open day app?”

Line 2: “Great! So while we’re doing boring adult stuff, you can use your lens to tour the school.”

Yasel (Austen's younger brother): He's that hyper active little brother we all know and love and occasionally can't stand. He likes to be bothersome towards his older sister and tends to drop in unannounced from time to time. In all honesty he can pretty much be a brat when he wants to be.

Lines 1-3: (These are suppose to be separate lines, not mushed together)“I am so proud of you my darling sister!!!”

          1#  “So proud that I decided to spend the weekend with you. I can keep in your room, right?”
          2# “I’m actually outside your dorm”
          3# “Surprise! Selfie time!”

Luna (An automated robot, that's pretty much what she is) This one can be a given since I don't really know what I want her to sound like so I will leave her up to those that can give her a voice. This is where I want to see those creative juices flowing. 


Starlight Solider Fairy: (This is a fairy in a video game Sunati and Austen are playing to together. This character should sound very sweet and high pitched)

Line 1: “There is power inside you, I can feel it. Power that could change the fate of the universe.” 

Line 2: “Will you lend me your strength? Will you become a Starlight Soldier?”

----------------------Okay this section coming up with have only one line (and appearance) speaking background characters

Sunati Co-worker 1 (male, Minor role): “Hey Sunati, some of us are coming in on Sunday, to finish the JNC project, can you join us?”

Sunati Co-worker 2(female, Minor role, Sounds enthusiastic): “Looking good Rae.”

Co-worker Anan (Minor role, sounds a bit confused) ‘Um, good morning? You’re in early’

Sunati’s Male Boss: “Look, I know nobody likes documentation. But it all needs to be done before the New Year. And I’m closing the office on Friday so It’s getting urgent.”

School Tour guide (Minor role) : “This way for the animation walkthrough”

Random Male Student (you can use your own voice for this, Sounds a bit unsure): “I don’t think I’ll be much help with the art showcase.”

Random Female Student (you can use your own voice for this, Sounds very excited) : “Trust me, you’ll do great! Oliver you’re really talented!”

Random Female Student (you can use your own voice for this) : “Nope, I can’t supervise the VR labs now, I wanna see the E-Sports tournament. Lazy? Me? Naaaah

Random cat girl student (cutesy): “Yep!”

Random instructor( kinda cares at the same time doesn’t): Line 1: “You need to give one of the other kids a turn.”
                                                                                    Line 2: “Yeah, sure? Do whatever you want.”


Cayli and Tanos are both of Austen’s closet friends and they pretty much like to pick on her for not wanting do to fun things and are glad to finally see Austen really interested in someone for a change.

Cayli (female): “WOW, I can’t believe you’re going on a second date. But you NEVER leave campus.’’

Tanos (male): ‘’Be fair Cayli, she goes to the gym a lot. She just never leaves campus to do anything that isn’t boring.” 
          Line 2: “But why would you go there????? Okay I understand why you like going there, but they’re pretentious jerks. They’re all holier than thou and nature is perfect URGH. They don’t understand that some people need mods, some people aren’t born in (GASP!) This Sunati isn’t a naturalist is she?”

Male Naturalist 1(calm and straight forward but not pushy): Line 1: “Excuse me, do you like classic cars? Because you look like the type who likes cars. We’ve put together a great vintage cars display. Take a leaflet, you should come visit.”

Female Naturalist 1( Kind of timid and sweet): Line 1: “So, we’re selling hand painted souvenir mugs at the studio near town hall. They’re really cute, you’ll definitely want to buy some. Please buy lots so we can eat meat.”

Female Naturalist 2( Happy go lucky with a bubbly personality): Line 1: “Well, the petting zoo’s got koalas and emus and lots of native birds and a really ugly cat. Cats are amazing! We’re right next to the park so we’re really easy to find.”

Male Naturalist 2(Cool, calm and straight up charming): Line 1: "The stargazing tours leave at sunset. It’s going to be clear night, so it’ll be awesome. If you want to join us we’re meeting at the astronomy museum. I’ll be leading tonight’s tour so maybe I’ll see you there.”

Here are some of the characters to be introduced in the comic, there are more characters that appear but that until later in the comic. Pretty much the main focus will be on the two main characters and how they come to terms in their relationship and being their for one another in their time of need. Plus they're both freaking adorable and I can't take it sometimes  [Image: heart.png] [Image: heart.png] [Image: heart.png] 

If anyone wants to audition go right ahead and if you have any questions please email me at: and if anyone wants to talk using voice, which I don't mind doing to give support and direction specific characters you can contact me on Discord at Peridot#0625

I look forward to working will all those that audition for this comic and those that want to be apart of my voice acting team, Which will be officially called Voice Tooners! (I think it's a suitable name and as a nice little pun around it). Again you can read the comic here at: Always Human, List1 | LINE WEBTOON and many more if you get bored.

Dealine for auditions will be August 1,2018
Anais Feliciano

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