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audition the original audio drama unexplainable notebook

Audio Drama [Audio Drama] The Unexplainable Notebook
Hello everyone!  I have a new original audio play script written after a long hiatus and I would love to seek auditions from this talented group! The position would be unpaid, as I do this as a non profit hobby.  If you would like to smaple any of my other work, my website is

The title of the project is “The Unexplainable Notebook”.  WARNING:  The script does contain some instances of strong language and intense subject matter.

Teaser: John and Amy are an average married young couple.  John loves playing the lottery and Amy loves scouring thrift stores for new treasures and stuff to flip. On her latest trip, Amy finds much more than she could have ever imagined when she finds an odd notebook that contains the story of how she and John first met. When she snaps it up, she soon realizes that the book isn’t done there,  as it continues to tell more and more details about her and John.  How far will it go… and what consequences will there be?

The whole premise is very much in the style of “Twilight Zone”

A NOTE ABOUT RECORDING:  Please try to record with as little background noise as possible.  I can clean audio sometimes but if the source has too much background noise it greatly complicates matters.  Sometimes in the past I’ve had auditions that had great delivery but I was unable to use the candidate because I simply could not make the audio work.  Thank you!

The roles available are as follows:

Narrator: Omniscient, third person POV (Male or female, major role)
Audition Lines:
  • But Amy didn’t feel like dreaming,  not just yet.  Instead, she stepped to the table where she had set her bag.  The other thrift store treasures were still in the backseat and trunk of their car, but she was determined to not let the mysterious book go far from her sight.  As quietly as she could,  she slid in bed next to John, the lamp on the bedside table giving her enough light to open the notebook and find even more words.
  • Amy found it impossible to sit still,  her mind running wild with wondering about if the prediction was true or not. She paced around the house, checking the book every now and then.
  • In response to this question, words continued to appear before Amy’s eyes in that familiar handwriting.
  • It was months later, miles across the country. A young woman named Kensey was leaning on a loaded bookshelf, bored out of her mind.  She loved her husband Vincent so much, but she could never quite understand his obsession with scouring thrift stores for books.
Notebook: The notebook is just that; a notebook.  The notebook has some kind of psychic power, an omniscence that allows it to know intimate details of the lives of its owners.  It’s origins are unknown, nor how it came to be where it is found. (Male or female, major role)
Audition Lines:
  • The story of X and Y.  X first met Y while chatting online one lonely night.  He was in a chat room he had never visited before, nor would he likely ever visit again.  That night,  X had two offers:  One to go on a clubbing date on Saturday night with three women from the chat room, or to meet Y alone the same night for a movie and dinner date. X could sense somehow that the right choice would be an easy one, and he politely declined-
  • It was a sunny day, the birds were singing, and all felt right.  John stepped out of the office holding a dozen white roses, which he knew to be Amy’s favorite.  At first, Amy was mildly alarmed.  This was so unlike him to just surprise her like this.  She was deathly afraid he had done something wrong and was trying to butter her up to apologize...  until he placed the roses in her arms and got down on one knee.
  • -Amy did not wait for further explanation, as John’s usual quick pick six ticket was not the winner, but a scratcher ticket.
  • Amy Taggart saw little option but to end it all that day, to take her own life.
  • (Sound of NOTEBOOK chuckling with amusement softly)
  • (Sound of NOTEBOOK laughing ominously)
Amy Taggart: Wife of John and the person who discovers the notebook in a thrift store.  She is excitable, loving, and very much a believer in the notebook’s power.  (Female, major role)
Audition Lines:
  • (Excited) You are not going to believe this!
  • Baby, I didn’t write that; You know that’s not my handwriting.  I just now found it in the bin.
  • (Embarrassed) Oh, geez.  I’m sorry!
  • (Amazed, somewhat nervous) John, you looked at the book the same time I did.  It didn’t say all that.
  • (Softly as she recalls a time when her house was robbed)  Oh, God.  That day…
  • (Giggling)  Someone’s excited.
  • (Stressed) Damn it, what is going on, you stupid book???
  • (Alarmed) What are you saying???
  • Take that, you bastard.  
  • (Please try to make the sound of AMY breathing heavy and sobbing in grief)
John Taggart: Main male character.  Husband of Amy.  Enjoys playing the lottery, loves Amy very much. (Male, major role)
Audition Lines:
  • (Annoyed) Amy, really?  We drive 400 miles and you just want to hit all the thrift stores?
  • I’m a little freaked out right now-
  • Think of happier things, babe.  That robbery spurred us to make the leap and move.
  • (Nervous chuckle)  Heh,  Uhmmm…
  • Er- I did- because it was from you?
  • Meh, I suppose so.  You know I usually do on Mondays.  Why? What’s going on?
  • 100 Million, baby.  We’ll be rolling in it. So, you checked the book yet to see if get the bonus number?
  • Blah, blah, blah.  Get to it, already!
  • How’d you- (beat) the notebook?
Tony Maxwell: Good friend of John and Amy,  they used to live in the same town until John and Amy moved.  He has a daughter named Sherry with his wife Belinda, an old friend of Amy. (Male)
Audition Lines:
  • I told you, Johnny.  This is on me. How often do we get to do this since the move?
  • (Growing tired of the joke) C’mon, guys.  You got us.
  • Babe, those are the exact words Johnny used to describe it once we got all his boxes in.  “Heaven with one bathroom” (pause)  I’ll level with you, man.  If you really aren’t just yanking our chains,  This book… (pause) well, this book is freaking me out.
  • (Shocked at his wife) Jesus, Lindy.
  • I just wish we could stay longer to help you out.  I was only able to get so much time off-
Belinda Maxwell: Wife of Tony and old friend of Amy’s.  She is a ready,if very wary, believer in the notebook’s power. (Female)
Audition Lines:
  • Like what?  I can’t believe people would just donate anything valuable.
  • I heard you were hitting some of our shops before dinner, Amy. Find any gold around here?
  • (Mildly freaked out) But how is that possible?  Even if you didn’t write all that yourself, how could it just-
  • Honey, I don’t mean to pry, but... (beat)  Well, I feel like an ass for asking,but...
  • Amy, honey... maybe you need to get rid of it.
News Anchor: Minor role, a television news anchor named Tom. (Male)

Audition Lines:
    • The President is expected to make his final determination on the resolution on Friday.
    • And for the state lottery numbers for this week,  we go to Lotto Lana,  ready to report the numbers from the state lottery office and hopefully make one of our viewers a very happy camper tonight.  Lana?
Lotto Lana:  Minor role, but requires a lot of perky energy.  Lana is a TV personality who presents the lottery numbers each week.  She approaches her job and presentation like a hyper child who has had too much sugar. (Female)
Audition Lines:
  • (On television, Very Perky)  Thanks, Tom.  I don’t have to remind everyone that our jackpot is now up to 125 million if any of our quick six pick contestants can match all six of their numbers and their bonus number in the exact order on their ticket.
  • (Still perky) Remember the rules, everyone. 5 out of 6 numbers gets you 5,000 dollars.  6 out of 6 gets you 10,000 dollars. 6 out of 6 plus your bonus number in any order will get you 20,000 dollars, but if you have all 6 numbers in order followed by your bonus number... (Amping her perkiness up to 11) IT’S MILLIONAIRE TIME!
  • (Happy) And those are your winning numbers for this week!  I sure hope someone out there has the right ones,  and better luck next time to anyone who didn’t win!

State Lottery Officer: A bored bureaucrat who only becomes excited if there is a genuine winner. (Male or Female)
Audition Lines:
  • (Unenthusiastic)  Well, congratulations to you, sir.  We need to verify some ticket information with you before you come in to claim your prize, please.  Do you have the winning ticket handy?
  • (Becoming more excited)  Er... There is a six-character code on the bottom left of the ticket.  You might have to scratch off the rest of the ticket to find it.  It will be in a small box.
  • (Happily) That ticket is valid and the prize has not yet been claimed. Congratulations, Mr. Taggart! Sorry for the checks,  we get multiple calls from people who think they can just SAY they’ve won with no proof.  Some have even tried to use other people’s winning numbers after they’ve been claimed. I assume you do wish to claim your prize?
  • Ahh, a local winner!  That’s always the best.

Officer Weston: A highway patrol officer. Soft spoken and in the news he/she delivers. (Male or Female)
Audition Lines:
  • Ma’am, my name is Officer Weston. This is my partner, Officer Sykes.  We’re with the highway patrol. I’m afraid there’s been an accident.
  • (Gently)  We’ll have dispatch call them.
  • I’m afraid so, Ma’am.  May we come in?

Officer Sykes: Officer Weston’s partner.  A bit more blunt than Weston. (Male or Female)
Audition Lines:
  • Six-Three Zebra to dispatch. Contact Total Home Security for false alarm at 7730 Farler Avenue, Code 6G-7.

Alarm Company Representative: Alarm monitoring employee of a home alarm company.  Only heard over the phone. (Male or Female)
Audition Lines:
  • Mrs. Taggart, This is Total Home Security.  We have an alarm at your residence.  Are you in danger?
  • False alarm, Ma’am?
  • Do you need our patrol unit?

Burglar: A strung out burglar committing a crime of opportunity.  He is high on an unspecified drug and very nervous and jittery. (Male)
Audition Lines:
  • (Nervous)  Look, I don’t want no trouble, lady.  I didn’t think you were home!
  • (Even more nervous) What?  You think I’m stupid?  You’re not gonna get that phone! Look, I’ll just leave now, you call them when I’m gone.
  • (Scared, voice quivering from nerves) I ain’t leaving empty handed, lady.  I’ll just walk out, you’ll never see me again!
  • Shit.  Shit shit shit!  (Sobbing) Why the hell didn’t you just let me leave?

Vincent: Husband to Kensey. Excitable and curious. (Male)
Audition Lines:
  • “The story of A and B” (Dismissive and unimpressed)  Wow. Who wrote this nonsense?
  • Whoa.  Kensey!  Honey, you are not going to believe what I just found!
  • (Excited) Just look, it’s our story!
  • You think I’d leave something this cool here?  No way!

Kensey: Wife to Vincent. Bored at first, she becomes just as excited as him over something he finds near the end of the play. (Female)
Audition Lines:
  • (Bored)  What is it?
  • (Confused) What?
  • (Laughs)  I don’t believe it.  You HAVE to buy this.  It’s just too funny not to!
One file with multiple lines is preferred. Please send auditions as mp3 files to and label the email: NOTEBOOK AUDITION CHARACTER NAME(S) YOUR NAME

If you like, multiple takes of each line are encouraged but not required. Deadline:  June 15, 2018

Thanks for looking!
The narrator role doesn't require strong language, does it? Additionally, would you care to elaborate on the nature of the intense subject matter you describe?
(05-24-2018, 05:36 PM)alliethehamster Wrote: The narrator role doesn't require strong language, does it? Additionally, would you care to elaborate on the nature of the intense subject matter you describe?

Apologies for the delayed reply.  The narrator does not require strong language, no.  The intense subject matter involves two deaths; One by accident and one by murder.  The characters of Amy and the Burglar have the examples of strong language.   

ONE NOTE:  I mistakenly set the deadline for June 30.  This was meant to be June 15.  My apologies for any trouble!
Are any of the roles still open?

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