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project graphic series novel orange interactive

Paid Orange Project Interactive Graphic Novel series

I’m Axel-Guillaume, a French graphic designer and director.
I’m starting today auditions for my sci-fi/ action interactive graphic novel series, codename: Orange (I love codenames).

Here is the pitch:

In a nearby future, on Earth, several conflicts took place in the last 50 years. But lately diplomatic alliances are maintaining a fragile peace.
Alexander and Lushian, young mercenaries with prized skills were raised in that chaotic world. Chaining fights and missions since their childhood, they will over time understand that through their skills, they have the potential to change their environment and to weigh in the balance.

Attention to the voice actors, the series contain the following elements:

- Explicit language
- Violence with blood
- Nudity and sexual content
- Reference to drug consumption

These elements will be very often voiced, so the applicant must understand that any character of the show may have one or several elements listed above.

The series season 1 is divided in 3 volumes, we’re currently working for the first volume.

The job is low-budget but paid. Rate is $60 per 100 lines ($0,6 per line) with a minimum earning of $12.
The auditions go from Saturday, May 12 th to Saturday, May 19th.The end date may be extended if needed.

Recording settings:
Record in 44100Hz, 16-bit, mono, saved as loseless .wav format

File naming:
The file name nomenclature is:


Example: OPr_JackSmith_Mobius_ADL01.wav

Send to:
Send your file(s) at contact/at/ mentioning in the title “Orange Project vol1 Audition”

Here are the open roles:

Note 1: Characters have an indicated voice range that goes that way:
Light, soft, grave, deep.
It is an indication, having a voice that doesn’t exactly match isn’t prohibitive.

Note 2: Characters all have an ethnicity indication. This indication defines in no way how the voice actor must be or is expected to be.
It is a simple information to help picturing the character, anyone can voice anyone if the talent is there.

Note 3: Role types go this way:
Main Role, Secondary Character, Recurring Character, Punctual Role.
All characters are not listed, you will mostly find characters that have more than 1 scene.
Character listed as Secondary Character and Recurring Character may switch from a volume to another. It is referred with a “/ SW” after the role type.

- Alice Greene (Recurring Character)
Age: 29
Ethnicity: Asian
Voice: Soft, smoky, often seductive

Alice is an efficient Front-Desk Assistant at Fresh Padmyr’s, she will know the desire of her client before he even think of it. She smiles a lot, and as for Hammersmith, she’s pleasant and welcoming for her job at Fresh’s.
Audition Line 1:
Alice, chuckles:
We have a great set of Noble Carl’s Indian fresh teas.

Audition Line 2:
Alice, doubtfully:
H-He’s probably calling your bluff...

- Selena Denarg “Lucifer” (Recurring Character/ SW)
Student at Level-7 Formation Center, Grade 4
Age: 19
Ethnicity: White Caucasian
Voice: Grave, fruity

Lucifer seems to be cold tempered person and does her best not to let her emotions overwhelm her.
Her dream is to join one of the Combat Divisions of The Organization. She works hard to fulfill her dream.

Audition Line 1:
Lucifer (sarcasm):
You mean, why do we stay in the only place with power and that happens to be a viable operation center?
Or why don’t we cover a whole sector by ourselves? I’m confused.

Audition Line 2:
Lucifer, annoyed:
Okay… I guess we’re done playing!

- Lushian (Main Role)
Staff Sergeant, 8th Section, IVth Divsion UNA FF
Age: 18
Ethnicity: White Caucasian
Voice: Soft or Grave, often seems annoyed

Lushian is a clever and professional person that can hardly be touched by anything. He's that guy who seems to be bored by everyone and who has lost his faith in humanity.
Lushian have a limited trust: he would trust his life in a very small circle of friends, Alexander being one of them.

Audition Line 1:
Oh! Stop sleeping! He’s leaving, get up.

Audition Line 2:
I don’t do “prisoners”. (pause) You are as good as dead, your time of death is still variable, though...

Audition Line 3:
Weed chuckles then:
I'm not really an army regular, asshole.

- Franck Ledgerwood (Punctual Role)
Major, 1st Army Corps, 4th Company UNA SM
Age: 58
Ethnicity: White Caucasian
Voice: Deep, guttural, breathy, remnants of Scottish accent

Ledgerwood is a “Brave Old Trigger”, a veteran that has been through almost all major conflicts since the early 2000s.
He talk straight and is boorish but he’s loved and respected by his men.

Audition Line 1:
Ledgerwood, yelling:
And who do you think you’re talking to you dobber?! How about some respect you little prick?

Audition Line 2:
Can you guys can’t even pretend to respect authority? Come on!

- Nicholas Attwater (Punctual Role)
Corporal, 1st Army Corps, 4th Company UNA SM
Age: 19
Ethnicity: White Caucasian
Voice: Soft, British accent (in option)     

Attwater is a rookie, he went in military school and have no combat experience. As a lot that never were exposed to war, he’s eager to have his first field mission.

Audition Line 1:
Attwater to Alexander and Lushian, while walking:
We got your reports sir. I’m glad you came back in one piece, that was a hell of a mission!

Audition Line 2:
Attwater, impressed:

- Carlo Artemio Bula (Punctual Role)
Warrant Officer, Padre Pacifisto’s 1st Regiment Favelas Brothers PMC
Age: 36
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Voice: Grave, raucous

Carlo is a long-time soldier that was with FB almost at their start. He got through major combat and maybe rightly so, thinks that the worse is behind him.

Audition Line 1:
...No captain, the city is ok. I went to monitor the base of UNECA (said in one word), nothing to report.
We can move tomorrow without a problem Captain.

Audition Line 2:
Carlo laughs then:
Ah kiddo, they sent you to meet your end. Your little caresses won’t make me talk.

- Raimundo Galindo Gomez (Punctual Role)
Captain, Padre Pacifisto’s 1st Regiment Favelas Brothers PMC
Age: 42
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Voice: Soft, commanding, often honeyed

Galindo Gomez is known for his sadistic tendencies. He enjoys watching people in pain and suffering.
Patient and methodical he knows how to get a job done with or without bloodshed.
Audition Line 1:
OK OK. Carlo, I want you to stay in town until we're done here. We'll pick you up but by then tell me if anything is happening in town.

Audition Line 2:
Shhhhhh. I kept you for dessert. Do you know what we say? The best for last.
I know who you are, who your grandfather is.

- LM Guard 01, Claudio Narca  (Punctual Role)
Age: 38
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Voice: Grave, guttural

Narca is one the oldest guard, in experience, of the LM Surinam Prison. He knows the prison like his pocket. As convicts have rare contact with the prison direction, they mostly deal with guards like Narca.

Audition Line 1:
LM Guard 01:
Hey! (silence) Hey! you tall guy wait!

Audition Line 2:
LM Guard 01, laugh then:
You jackass… I would have die in 10 possible ways now on if you were from the PRIME…

- LM Guard 02, Paolo Ning  (Punctual Role)
Age: 29
Ethnicity: Asian
Voice: Soft

Paolo is the youngest of his team. He’s new to carceral environment as he only has a year of experience.
He follows Narca lead and enjoys it.

Audition Line 1:
Hey! What’s fat Narca’s doing with the new girl?

- LM Guard 03, Mensah Miguel Hernandez (Punctual Role)
Age: 37
Ethnicity: Black African
Voice: Soft, quiet

Hernandez has a long time to in LM Surinam. He is more a follower and have other ways to entertain his self, comparing to his colleagues. He’s more a TV/ desktop enthusiast.
He knows the prison rules and benefit of them but won’t abuse of his power like Narca would for example.

Audition Line 1:
LM Guard 03:
I-I have to unlock it with my left hand!

Audition Line 2:
LM Guard 03, in pain:
I-I can’t do that from here. I need my colleagues to be synchronized with me to do so.

- Rasspierre (Recurring Character)
Officer in an unknown group
Age: 50
Ethnicity: White Caucasian
Voice: Soft, honeyed

Rasspierre manages his organization external missions and intelligence gathering.
He’s gentle, patient and benevolent.

Audition Line 1:
Rasspierre, annoyed:
Hmm… That’s unfortunate.

Audition Line 2:
No. Not now it’s too late. We know where they’re going. They’ll come to us one way or another.

- Enrique Pandi (Recurring Character)
Scientist at Fresh Padmyr’s/ The Organization
Age: 28
Ethnicity: Mixed Amerindian/ White Caucasian
Voice: Soft, hesitating, often trying to appeal his audience

Enrique is a scientist, he’s not custom to the field.
Quite mysterious, he’s often trying to have his auditor trust, he smiles a lot.

Audition Line 1:
Enrique, fighting groans then:
P-Please don’t kill me, don’t kill me!

Audition Line 2:
Maybe there’s something that can help you somewhere here?

- Zolov Bawa (Recurring Character)
Age: 31
Ethnicity: White Caucasian
Voice: Grave, military

Zolov is a driver/ security personnel of Fresh Padmyr’s. He’s more muscles than talk.

Audition Line 1:
Ms. Amanda, it is nice to have you back. The company is thrilled and awaiting to see you.

Audition Line 2:
Sure Ms. Amanda.

- M.Hammersmith (Recurring Character)
Age: 52
Ethnicity: White Caucasian
Voice: Soft, honeyed,

M. Hammersmith is the Front-Desk Manager at Fresh Padmyr’s. He’s pleasant and welcoming for his façade job. He has a distinguished way of talk, typical to direct client contact personnel.

Audition Line 1:
And you must be the saviors! Our heroes! Welcome gentlemen.

Audition Line 2:
Let’s see. Hum, that’s a lot of aliases for someone to have. Don’t you think, Mr. Nicolier?

- Halvdan Myhre, “Mobius” (Recurring Character)
Student at Level-7 Formation Center, Grade 4
Age: 20
Ethnicity: White Caucasian
Voice: Soft, slightly nasal

Mobius is confident and like to show-off when he can. He prefers strength to the tactical approach.
Like a lot of students of his grade, his dream is to join a Combat Division of the Organization.

Audition Line 1:
Mobius, annoyed:
We should go ourselves. We’re wasting a pack.

Audition Line 2:
You people really are annoying. Can’t you stop trying to escape? There’s no escape.

- Benjamin Denarg “Quasar” (Recurring Character)
Colonel Quasar, West Europe Detachment
Age: 43
Ethnicity: White Caucasian
Voice: Deep, warm

Quasar is a respected officer of The Organization. He’s a former trouble maker and womanizer that eased with time.

Audition Line 1:
You kind of rushed us. And by the way you almost killed one of our guy. Luckily, he made it in time.

Audition Line 2:
Quasar scoffs:
I’m sure you have plenty of. If you would mind developing a little.

- Maxime DeBelgarde (Punctual Role)
Lazarus, Officer in the Organization
Age: 35
Ethnicity: White Caucasian
Voice: Soft, calm, quiet

Lazarus is an officer of the Organization. Not a big talker.

Audition Line 1:

Lazarus to Quasar, smiling:
I let you handle that. I’ll see them later.
Hey I'm a little late to the game on this one, but I wanted to ask if you were still looking for any roles to fill. Thanks!
Hi Karliwalker, sorry about the late answer.
The auditions are now closed for the first volume.

I'll review your audition for the next one with pleasure.

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