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idea actors ball dragon original voice for need z

Animation Need Voice Actors for Original Dragon ball Z Idea!
So I have a new character in mind and I'm hoping to find some new voice actors. If you are willing to audition, then don't hesitate! So I may be new here but if you need my email to send in your auditons, please say so and I will share it with you privately. 


Quote:This thing you call.......a "printer" what does it print? Anything? Hhhm....Is it used for evil?! If it is, I must destroy it in the name of justice and light!'s not used a lot? Well I guess I'll leave it alone. But if there is evil within it, I shall destroy it! 

Quote:I'm sorry it had to be this way but I will not allow such evil to control you! Don't worry...I'll erase this evil from your body and soul so then you will be a new person! 

Is a young boy who wishes to rid evil.  You could call him a justice warrior that feels that a lot of beings are evil and can be fixed and cleansed of evil. Has a serious, young voice who does not back down when he senses evil. He can very quickly fake a nice attitude to get to know someone more. He's learned a lot by being on earth and knows how to act when he needs to get something for someone. 

Friends of Samuel
.....Uuuuh.....Male/Female voices will do. Thank you. Big Grin 

Quote:Dude, I'm telling you, you're such a weirdo. Saying that stupid catchphrase of yours isn't going to get you a date! I swear, it's too weird to say! What do you mean "It's supposed to make them feel comfortable!"?! Like how is saying that going to make them chill?

Quote:Samuuuuueeellll......Miss seinfield came for the rent again. I told her that you have the money by 5:00 today. Oh, you don't have the money? Well maybe you need to stop doing those survey jobs and expecting them to pay for the rent. No, I'm not kidding, she's expecting. Hey, it's your fault you expected me to pay! I'm broke too, idiot! 

The deadline for these will be June 4, 2018! 

Thank you for the auditions and your help!

If you have any questions, please ask!

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