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enchanted wogglebug sylvie the and forest

The Wogglebug, and Sylvie, and the Enchanted Forest
I am making an animated direct-to-DVD movie about a lonely little girl in foster care who on the day she is adopted finds a portal to the magical world of Genoma and befriends the lovable Mr. Wogglebug. Together they have an adventure rescuing the Enchanted Forest and rallying the residents of it to save it from a demented wizard.

The voices of the characters I need are as follows:

The Foster Caregiver, Miss Clisby: She has a young and warm and soft voice: "Sylvie is the most shy and quiet child I have ever seen."

Sylvie's foster father, Harlan Martin. He has a young baritone voice: "She reminds me of myself at her age."

Sylvie's foster mother, Ellen Martin. She has a young and charming voice: "You can call me Mom from now on."

For the Enchanted Forest I need Elysia the Fairy Queen Mother of the Elements. She has a motherly ethereal voice that is very warm and wise: "You, Sylvie Harnois are far more vital to this world and yours than you know."

And two elves. One is named Cristeph and one is the elven leader. Cristeph sounds very young but mature and still whimsical: "Haven't you ever seen a short person perform magic before?"
And the Elven leader just sounds a lot older and just as whimsical: "As loyal residents of the forest we must do something."

Anyone who is interested in doing any of these voices must email me at with their audition audio files. The deadline is June 1st, 2018.
Done, you should receive an email soon.
[Image: a15.png]

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