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male a unpaid actor voice film 2d for

Hello there!

I'm an animation student currently working on my BA project "A short musing on one man's obsession". It's a short 2D film about a man who loves money just a bit too much. The approximate length of the film is 1,2 min.
I'm looking for a male voice actor to narrate a story.
This an unpaid audition.

Audition lines:

He loves money.

As he counts bright crinkly banknotes he doesn’t think of what he could buy. No. He just loves money. Its shape, its smell, the weight of it in his pocket.
He loves to run his fingers through heavy coins. He loves when others notice banknotes poking out of his suit.

Deadline is 07.05.2018

Send audition to projectreprisal at

You can check out character design for this project here

In case you're interested, here's a link to another project I worked on

Thank you for your time!

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