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wandering vas five closed book land trailer audio seeking for

[Closed] [Book Trailer] Seeking Five VAs for Wandering Land Audio Book Trailer
Seeking five voice actors to read lines for an audio book trailer to be released on various podcast feeds, social media, and other websites. Each role will require reading roughly five lines, which will be edited into smaller vignettes for the final trailer. Actors of all ethnicities welcome. American accents for all characters. Please send a recording of all lines (preferably 2-3 takes of each line) as a wav or mp3 to In the subject line, please specify the character/s you are auditioning for and include somewhere in the email the name you would like to be credited as if you are selected. Must have access to reasonably high-quality recording equipment and a good space in which to record. Descriptions and all lines below. If your reading is selected you will be credited on the main website and the podcast feeds where the trailer will be released. This is an unpaid posting. Deadline: 4/21/17
1.     Coyote: Female, late twenties to early thirties. Is an unstable character, slightly shaky or spacy delivery.
Line 1:
[Quietly, reading from a piece of paper] You and the others should run from this place. If you walk these roads, she’ll never let you leave.
Line 2:
[Calm, explaining to someone else] I know how many of us there are. People who can come here. There’s me, you, and three others. No one else can see this place.
Line 3:
[Whispering something, a revelation] The Queen.
Line 4:
[Quietly, reading from a piece of paper] You have to lead the others to her. Show them the way. Together you can save her.
2.     Wes: Male, twenties, softspoken.
            Line 1
[Nervous] Do you know where we are?
Line 2
[Baffled] New doors? What does that mean?
Line 3
[Fearful] These dreams I’ve been having. . . Something’s wrong.
Line 4
[Almost whispering, terrified] Have you been having them, too? The dreams?
Line 5
[Trying to remain calm] Have you seen her?
3.     Darcy: Female, twenties, relatively high-pitched voice.
Line 1:
[Wonder, amazement] Wes, where are we? This should be a, the city. Where are we?
Line 2:
[Panicking] Shit, what’s that? [Screaming, panic] What the fuck is that?
Line 3:
[Trying to contain horror] Am I seeing that right? With. . . With the eyes?
Line 4:
[Nervous, calling into house] Hello? [knocking on door] Should we go in?
Line 5:
[Quietly tense] We had a sighting. Something followed us.
Line 6:
[Urgently] Have you seen her?
4.     Amal: Female, thirties to forties, lower-pitched voice.
Line 1:
[Tense, but keeping it together] No. But it has a kind of fairytale quality to it, don’t you think?
Line 2:
[Urgently] I’m so sorry, but there’s things you need to hear and I just need you to trust me and let me explain everything that’s happening.
Line 3:
[Demanding] Who is she? The girl?
Line 4:
Who is she?
Line 5:
[Urgently] No. We’re not leaving anybody. I won’t.
5.     Eli: Male, forties to fifties, mid-range voice.
Line 1:
[Wonder] It chose us. We’re supposed to be here.
Line 2:
[Quietly devastated] I think I did something. I think I made some new passages.
Line 3:
[Fearful] Have you seen her?
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