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asap sinister the voices need six

The Sinister Six(NEED Voices ASAP!!!!)
I still need more voices to complete my sinister six fan video. Here the characters I need:

Norman Osborn

who: one of Spidey's greatest enemies
testline: You may have been given the name Osborn, but you haven't earned it.
sounds like: William defoe

who: dangerous man from another world
testline: I've killed you before. It will be no different this time.
sounds like:
Clancy brown: Watch this link:

JJ Jamason
 an anti spiderman dude
testline: Five super-villains escape from prison because of a new player in the game. This will be the biggest story... Of the week.

who: JJ's editor in chief
testline: I think power raises challenge. Spider-Man started cleaning up the city, and obviously, the bad guys in desperation became super villains to challenge him to get back to the world they knew.

send the auditions to 
Welcome back, I know you want to cast this one but can we have a deadline on there? cheers!
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]

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