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male unpaid closed secret actors animation laboratory scp voice needed 2

[UNPAID] SCP Secret Laboratory Animation - 2 Male Voice Actors Needed (CLOSED)
SCP Secret Laboratory Animation

I'm creating a new animation for youtube based on the game SCP secret laboratory, a free to play online game based on the game scp containment breach.
I'm really enjoying this game and wanted to make a video about it, and it's been a while since i've done a game parody.

NTF Commander
This is the lead role and can be played by any voice, but preferably around 20. Speak confidently as you're the commander but not like an army officer.

Audition Lines:

Ok here's your quick mission brief for those who need a recap: We get in, we neutralise any Scps or prisoners we see

No one knows Tim, no one knows. This 1 billion dollar facility didn't wanna stetch the budget with such frivilous expesnses as sign posts or even conevntional building layouts. Ok everyone, let's go!

NTF Guard Tim

This is a one line minor role that can be any male voice. His line is in reply to "Any questions?"

Audition Lines:
1. Yeah um, when we get in, which way do we go?

Send your auditions in either WAV or MP3 format to:

DEADLINE: 9th April 2018 (This will be extended if needs be)

Any questions please just let me know! Reply here or email me [Image: smiley.png]
Thankyou to all who auditioned! The role has now been filled

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