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minute unpaid with female closed regal speech voice 1 for

[CLOSED] [UNPAID] Female with regal voice for 1 minute speech
Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read this over. 

Here's the situtation: I run a regular game of Dungeons & Dragons and the players in that game are coming up on a big battle in which they have to defend their hometown from a dragon. Their Queen is going to offer some inspiration before the battle, and I was hoping to get a voiced monologue for her that I can play during the session. In my test runs it has taken 40 seconds to 1 minute to perform the whole speech, so hopefully it won't take up too much of your time! This is an unpaid project, I am incredibly grateful to you for considering it.

Character details:
You will be voicing Queen Radia Dundragon. She is a kind leader with a heart of steel. Voice-wise, she has a proud, confident tone and enunciates her words very clearly. Accent is flexible.

Sample lines:
1 - "On this day, at this hour, we stand against that which gazed upon this green earth and said it should be barren."
2 - "Together, we fight back against oblivion made manifest. Together, we forge a legend."

Please name your files yourname_radiadundragon_linenumber.mp3 and send them in a .zip file along with a .txt containing your contact info to The deadline for auditions is April 10th, and I'm hoping to have the finished speech ready to use by April 17th.

Thank you again for checking this out!


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