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sound a unpaid non music building effects project soundeffects paid original and for team

Audio Drama [Unpaid] Building a music and sound effects team for Original Project
Hello I am JJ for a long time I been trying hard to get my original story Castle Night Wolf off the ground as an audio book originally. That fell flat because the narrator at the time lost interest, so instead of making it an audio book this time I want to make it into an audio drama which leads up to the sequel Return to Castle Night Wolf. I need sound effects people and a composer of music. What I have so far is the opening theme and one theme for the main villain. I am going to be posting the audio drama on sound cloud, Furaffinity and a few other places.

What I need is one music writer/composer/performer and yes they can be split up. At lease one sound effects tech but willing to have more. Castle Night Wolf setting is medieval/fantasy. If you are interested please private message me here or email me at with demos or questions.

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