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dreams unpaid final closed project fmp animation college chimera major

Animation Final college animation - Chimera [CLOSED]
EDIT: Auditions are now closed. Thank you everyone for your submissions, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Hi all! I'm working on my final animation for college and am hopeful that it will be finished in time.

THE PROJECT: A young girl affected by recent events escapes into her dreams. However, dreams and reality mix and the result is far from pleasant.


Anna -  7-9 year old girl. Must sound the part.   NEED DESPERATELY

Line 1: Hi.

Line 2: (emotional) I miss mommy...

Speaker - A voice on a speaker. Preferably female, sounds automated.

Line 1: The Neon line is undergoing maintenance. Please change here for: Mushroom House.

Line 2: Run.

Patient - A figure often encountered in hospitals. Gender debatable, voice is frail but full of life.   NEED DESPERATELY

Line 1: Glass of water?

Line 2: Welcome! Please head to room 244, miss.

Witness - A minor character species living in an arena. Gender debatable, intimidating. Numerous voices needed.

Line: Confess!

If interested, please send your audition lines to

Deadline is 17th April. I hope to work with you soon.

[Image: tumblr_p5a5gqoFIQ1wbkcp5o1_1280.png]

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