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singer male a unpaid female song and for one

[Unpaid] [Song] One female and one male singer for a song
The world needs to hear YOUR voice, particularly in this stupid song!

Hello, I'm Nick, and I've already recorded the instruments for this song, but my voice is not very well suited for these two parts. I need one female (Voice 1) and one male (Voice 2) vocalist. I'm hoping for Voice 2 to be bold for a sort of theatrical effect (but not overdone). If you can hit the notes and time it right, I will probably use your voice.
It's probably not something you'll put on your professional resume, but it'll be fun, and I will credit you and link your own project in the credits (on the Blank Space Records bandcamp page:

PM here or email me (at ndjada @ for more details, if you have any questions, and preferably send you tracks as mp3 or WAV.


Hoping to have this done by mid-April.


It will be for an EP called "The Thunder Cloud" which I worked on on the side about five years ago and never got around to finishing it up. Shortly after the vocal tracks are recorded for this song, it will be released on bandcamp. It's based off a short story I wrote in high school very randomly (I was a random sort of kid, you know) about a drought in South Dakota that actually happened in 2001 and an actual Bed and Breakfast in the area, even though I've never been anywhere near South Dakota.

Here's a sample of another song that will be on the EP:


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