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a alien alein cartoon short animation no just lines noises voice for reaction

Hello everybody!
I am making a animated short that is about 4 minute long for my diploma project. It is a comedy with a sort of looney tunes vibe to it, and the whole design is 60's goofy sci fi. The premise of the story is that an aline crashes into earth and while a road worker tries to help him fix his ship a misunderstanding happens and then in the end alien "accidentally" blows up the whole planet into pieces. 

[Image: alien-voice-needed-animated-cartoon][Image: 1520542935637.jpg]

Character description: A short alien with a temper issue. He is a feisty fella, similar to a chiwawa that believes he can take on anyone despite his size. He mumbles in his alien language and has a screetchy voice. Has a "shot now ask questions later" type mentality. Very loud and expressive, with alot of grunting and complaining. 

Lines: There is no dialog, he mostly just mumbles and screams at a give scene. 

Example 1: Falls out of his spaceship into the desert ground. Angrely screams at the ship and throws a french driver at the vehicle and curses in his own space language

Example 2: He fires a laser gun, which deflects of a showel and the shoot is firing back at him. He voices out a quick "yaiyp!" and jumps quicky on the side. 

Example 3: He sees the worker walking away from him, them screams at him because he is angry that he ruined his spaceship. 

  2 weeks from now and it closses on Mar 22th 2018!
[Image: character_design__alien_by_stupchek-dc4rfma.png]

Well since this is for my diploma project i got no budget for making this, so i can only resort in exchanging for art services up to 20$. 

Contact:  Send me an email with your demo, or examples of the lines above here:

Check out also the jurnal at my deviantart page here:

Thank you again, and ill hope you can join in my spacey futuristic jam! [Image: smiley.png]
Thanks for following all the rules Smile
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]

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